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October 1, 2010

Free Idea Friday: Printable Envelope Template and Cards

For the last Reader Question, Shawna asked how to wrap non-material gifts (babysitting hours, a spa outing, gift certificate, etc). Today's free printable is one answer!

Melissa of IS•LY designed cards and a handy envelope template for her readers, available free on her site! Click here to find them. As you can see, she used some specialty wallpaper to make this set of envelopes. Now you can go nuts with whatever paper you like! I'd love to see someone make envelopes out of maps for a trip-themed gift. Many thanks, Melissa!

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  1. These are really cute - thanks!

  2. @DuhBe - Any time! My pleasure to point people toward beautifully designed freebies. I've been thinking about you and your soaps...looking forward to hearing the next progress report!

  3. Aw, Charissa, Thanks so much for featuring my freebie! I hope you & your readers get good use out of the printable & template.


  4. @Melissa - We really appreciate your generosity. Looking forward to what you design for this year's Christmas!


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