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October 25, 2010

Gift Wrapping Challenge for a Hard-to-Wrap Gift

As you know, I am a fan of Kathrin's blog, annekata. She has an insightful and warm writing voice. She's single-handedly rekindled my love of hand sewing. And she seems to be steadily adding to a trove of brilliant tutorials to share with the world.

I was happy when she won during my anniversary Thank You Giveaway. We exchanged a few e-mails that confirmed our mutual admiration and brainstormed a way to collaborate cross-country.

During that time she wrote:
Last week I made a tutorial on how to make coin purses. I find that they're not easy to wrap and present as a gift. Would you be up for the challenge of finding a creative way of gift wrapping or presenting this?
My answer was YES, and a week later a delightful package was at my doorstep.

Annekata readers may recognize her pop-up envelope.

It opened to reveal a gorgeously wrapped gift. My reaction: What!? I'm supposed to dismantle this piece of art and come up with a better gift wrapping idea? As if the hand-sewn flowers and textured twines weren't enough, it was wrapped in a scrap of wallpaper found in an old farmhouse. Not many of those in our Los Angeles suburb.

The contents were as beautiful as the wrapping. Can you believe this is all hand-sewn?

I meant to ask Kathrin for some fabric scraps from her coin purse, but she shipped the package before I got a chance. Turns out we were on the same page. There was a little origami package with fabric inside, in case I chose to use them for the gift wrapping. So thoughtful.

Because the original gift wrapping was so creative, I had to un-psyche myself out for this one. Sure, I admire Kathrin immensely. Sure, her "difficultly" wrapping coin purses as gifts appears totally unfounded. Sure, my gift wrapping idea will likely not benefit from vintage wallpaper from a friend's farmhouse.

But you can do it! I told myself. Gift wrapping is supposed to be fun. Just play around with it.

So I did, and I think I landed on some creative gift wrapping that is low-fuss and well-suited for Kathrin's coin purses. Stop by on Wednesday to see my gift wrap solution for annekata!

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  1. charissa you are totally going to own this challenge. we believe in you! looking forward to your post.

  2. @Sam - You are a good friend. Thanks for the pep talk! (And speaking of owning challenges, I bet you are owning some of your own in the hospital halls.) : )

  3. Totally breathtaking. Are all your friends as talented as you are? Can't wait to see Wednesday!

  4. Okay, Kathrin's wrapped gift is amazing- as expected. If she has issues, then I've got some major gift wrapping problems!

    I do love a good challenge, and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. Thanks for the comment! Wow, what a beautiful package!!! I can't wait to see what you do with it! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. @AmberLee - I know, isn't Kathrin's gift wrapping lovely? I'm so glad she's in the creative blogging world!

    @Cathy - Agreed. Thanks for adding your voice to the discussion!

    @Sarita - Of course! It's always fun for me to find other bloggers writing about gift wrapping.


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