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October 27, 2010

Stitched Gift Bags | Tutorial Tryout

Tutorial Tryouts are my reviews of DIY gift wrapping ideas from the internet and other sources. Click here for the whole series!

As you may have read, I was given the challenge of coming up with creative gift wrapping for Kathrin's handmade change purses. She sews these pretty purses as gifts but expressed they are not easy to wrap.

With all the time and care that goes into making these, I wanted a simple idea that would hint at the contents within. Enter The Art of Gift Wrapping, a luscious book full of creative gift wrapping ideas! I have been soaking up all of Wanda Wen's wisdom and was so happy I could try one of her gift wrap solutions out.

Start with a simple paper bag cut in half. This one is a wine bag (3.75"x11.5") from Trader Joe's, but you can find your own at a craft store or any store that sells beverages. (I've even seen these behind the checkout stands at Target!)

I decorated each half to make two gift bags.

Then I sewed the ends of the bags. I hand-stitched one bag with embroidery thread and zipped the other one through my sewing machine on a zig-zag stitch. One bag will only need to be sewn shut; the other will need to be sewn on both ends.

(Don't forget to put in the gift!)

I love how the red on the sides of the gift bag showed once the change purse was inside. This is a really convenient gift wrapping idea for items that are fairly flat but still have some dimension.


The variations are endless. You could also make these assembly-line style if you need to wrap many gifts at once.

A warm thank you to Kathrin for doing this cross-country collaboration with me. Here's to forging new ties through DIY! And if you'd like to stitch up a coin purse of your own, you can find her tutorial here.

What do you think? Please let me know if you try this!

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  1. so fun, easy and cute! i would hesitate to tear into such a gift, unless i knew what a cute purse waited inside for me....!

  2. @Sharon - Thank you! Yes, I could feel myself veering toward something more complicated, but when I remembered this idea from The Art of Gift Wrapping it seemed like the perfect fit for Kathrin's purses. When you put so much effort into the gift, it's nice to have a simple way to present it.

  3. I love how the wrapping is so suggestive of the gift inside... A pocket with a purse inside! Awesome!

  4. wow. totally beautiful! and so do-able now that you've laid it all out for us! and you're right, this wrap could work for things of all shapes and sizes. love it!

  5. Love your ideas, they are wonderful :)

  6. @Erin - I was not even thinking of that. Let's just pretend that I was being as clever and nuanced as you. : )

    @AmberLee - You are very kind. I took way too many pictures and really had to edit them down to convey the simplicity of the idea. You're right - it is very do-able!

    @Claudine brodeuse de perles - Merci beaucoup!

    @Susana - Thank you very much. Y su blog es muy bonito!

  7. gracias por pasar por mi blog, y comentar:-)
    now thanks to you i know how to wrap the purses either:-D

  8. @OrloSubito - De nada! It's my pleasure. Por favor, diga me if you wrap one of your purses. I'd like to see!

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you, Sharon! If you have a chance I'd highly recommend the book the idea's from, The Art of Gift Wrapping. It's really good.


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