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October 6, 2010

Flat-Base Ribbon Tie | Tutorial

The oversized ribbon on this gift adds an elegant touch, and with this trick the box sits flat, not askew. Read on for a tutorial that shows you how to avoid a thick twist of ribbon at the base of your box!

We will simply be working with the two ends of your ribbon. To start, position the ribbon as shown, with 6-12 inches (15-30.5 cm) extending beyond the middle of the box.

Take care to keep the ribbon untwisted as you follow these 4 simple steps.


I learned this technique from Wanda Wen's The Art of Gift Wrapping, a book so gorgeous that I parted with some of my hard-earned $108.29 to add it to my library. I wanted to make my own tutorial because I wished the original instructions included more visuals. Regardless, I would absolutely recommend Wanda's book as a resource. It is brimming with personality and fresh ideas!

Please let me know if there's anything I can clarify. And let us know if you give this a shot!

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  1. Oh Charissa, this is great! My boxes are always lop sided. Well, not anymore. Thanks so much for this clear tutorial. This is one of those things, I would have never known. Also, loved your color choices and stitching of the ornaments you made!

  2. woah! i never even thought about how annoying that twist is at the bottom when i do it. i'll definitely have to try this next time. thanks for the tutorial & the clear pictures!

  3. I love this paper. This would have been perfect for gifts I gave to my dad when he was alive because he was a world traveler!

  4. @annekata - Kathrin, it was a treat to make those ornaments. I was hooked from the time I saw your photos! Let me know if you give this tutorial a shot.

    @Shawna - You are welcome! Yes, when I first read the instructions, I didn't quite understand their usefulness. But when it came time to wrap this gift I got it. Very helpful in cases like these!

    @Laurie - Great to hear from you. I'm sorry to hear about your dad...I'm sure your gifts to him were special no matter how they were wrapped!

  5. HOLY. CRAP.
    That is how you do that?!

    FLAT! On the BOTTOM! You have changed my world, Charissa. You better believe I'm debuting this technique on some unsuspecting "can I have a complimentary gift wrap" customer this week. Watch out Hallmark customer. Watch out.

  6. @boatx2 - Knock 'em dead, girl! I'd love to hear how it goes.


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