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October 11, 2010

Wrap Story: Double Ruffle Gift Topper

This Wrap Story is part of a series, documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of The Gifted Blog. Click here for the whole series!

My friend M's birthday was this summer, but delayed by our respective travel plans, I gave her her birthday gift only recently. M and I first bonded as housemates, eager to begin post-college life in our first apartment. Talkative, vibrant, and funny, this woman is a blessing to me year after year.

[Edit: That's S on the left...two of my favorite people together on my last birthday!] In addition to all this, M has excellent taste in accessories. Her signature look includes necklaces and earrings made with semi-precious stones. On our trips to see family this summer, I scoured Seattle's Pike Place Market and its surrounding boutiques with a discerning eye - to no avail. Of all places, I found this beauty at the Iowa City Farmer's Market!

The turquoise and red made me think of the Double Ruffle Gift Topper I've been hanging onto ever since posting the tutorial.

Red and red. Turquoise and turquoise. Done and done!

To make your own recycled, reusable gift topper, hop on over to the Double Ruffle tutorial here! Having one on hand made this present's gift wrap super easy.

Has your past preparation paid off in your own gift wrapping? Are there any ways you're getting ready for the holiday season? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Oh, I am SO DOING THIS!! LOL

    This is one of my fav color combinations and I love how you made it all matchy-matchy.

    Going to check out the tutorial now. To be honest, I want to wear that ruffle in my hair!!

  2. @OneCraftyFox - Go for it! I'd love to see your take on this one. I am not by nature a very matchy-matchy person, so I'm tickled when it works out that way. This one was meant to be!

  3. Beautiful! I love the turquoise-red color match!! The ruffle looks perfect too. I want to try it next time =)

  4. @Eun Joo - Thanks for saying hello! I would love to see you try this - it was really fun and a nice way to use a shirt that didn't fit.

  5. What a pretty bow! I have to read through and see if I think I can do this:-)

  6. @Laurie - Yes! And please let me know if you have any questions. It is helpful for me to know if the instructions need clarification!

  7. i lovelovelove your double ruffle gift topper. thrifty AND fabulous. and that necklace is absolutely gorgeous. i love red and turquoise!

  8. @deepblueseadesigns - Thanks, Heather! I don't usually set out to be thrifty, but I love using found objects and the result is usually budget-friendly. All the better for our grad student budget. : )

    Hope your family of 4 is doing well!

  9. Well that is just SO lovely Charissa! I'm sure she just loved the gift and the topper.

  10. @Michele Pacey - You're so sweet, Michele. Thanks!


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