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October 4, 2010

Wrap Story: Mappily Ever After

This Wrap Story is part of a mini-series, documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of The Gifted Blog. Click here for the whole series!

My awesome college friends E and J got married recently and we were very privileged to be present on their big day. Here they are, in a stunning image by Sarah K Chen.

He's 2nd generation Korean-American. She's 3rd generation Chinese-American. He works for a bargain-hunting website. She's a librarian. J chronicled their engagement and wedding planning on a blog humorously titled My Big Fat Chinese-Korean Wedding.

It felt like the right time to break out the Korean hanji box given to me by a friend for this special occasion. Inside I put a set of embroidered ornaments for their first married Christmas. I'm not a big decorator, but I remember being acutely aware of our lack of ornaments our first Christmas together.

All modesty aside, these ornaments rock! They'll get a post of their own in the days to come. I tucked the card inside the box so it wouldn't get lost in the post-wedding fray...

and pulled out a variety of supplies.

Thinking of J's blog, I wrapped the gift with China and Korea on top. Luckily, I know E and J well enough that this didn't seem too literal and weird. They were born in the States, after all.

After fussing with the different ribbons, I finally called on G's opinion. "The map is busy. You should use something flat and plain," he said. A dove gray satin ribbon fit the bill and added a touch of elegance. Thanks, honey!

A trick from Wanda Wen's The Art of Gift Wrapping ensured the base of the gift was flat, not marred by a thick twist of ribbon.

I bet that's something you didn't even know you wanted to know! Right?

Well - luckily for you (or maybe just those of you who are crazy as me), I will walk you through the process with a step-by-step tutorial on Wednesday. See you then! (And congrats, E and J!)

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  1. haha! i bet she got a laugh out of the wrapping.

    her blog caught my eye because my boyfriend is korean and i'm chinese, so i always wondered if we'd do the cultural ceremonies if we got married.

  2. @connie - Oh, cool, I didn't know that. Our friends did do the paebaek ceremony after the reception. Everyone was invited, but we (unfortunately) had to leave to relieve our awesome friends of their babysitting duties. I would have liked to have witnessed it!

  3. have I missed your wonderful blog?! I am so looking forward to exploring it thoroughly. You are right about your ornaments...they DO rock! Your friends are so lucky to have a thoughtful friend like you (and funny the map idea :).

  4. Wonderful idea Charissa! I really like your thought process. Look forward to the tutorial.- Namitha

  5. @Tracey - Thank you! I have to give credit for the ornament idea to Kathrin of the annekata blog...she is an inspiration. I love seeing the gift and gift wrapping ideas on your blogs. And I've never heard of Cox & Cox. The images you used made me want to learn more!

    @Namitha - Great to hear from you again! Glad there's another person out there who wants to know how to make the ribbon on their gift box lie flat (i.e. maybe I'm not so nuts if there are 2 of us!).

  6. Hi Charissa,
    What a great, fun blog you have!
    I really enjoyed my visit here.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Good one Charissa...we had a whacky alien theme birthday party yesterday for my son, with me as the head of the secret agent training academy, and an alien making factory, and lots of crazy alien body parts going into the fruit punch. I asked my son after everyone left whether he thought his friend felt I was "mad" -- he thought for a few seconds and said, "I don't know whether they think you are mad, but I know that they think you're fun". Somehow that made my day.

  8. @Yvonne - Thank you!

    @Namitha - That is a high compliment, indeed. The party sounds like it was a hit!

  9. @Connie: Definitely do the cultural ceremonies when you get married or at least wear a qipao/cheongsam and hanbok! I didn't have time to wear a Chinese dress or do the tea ceremony, but I definitely would've if I had had more time to plan and just more time at our venue (they kicked us out early since it was a daytime wedding).

    @Charissa: Thanks so much for featuring your gift to us! I had no idea that so much thought and time went into the gift wrapping! We were so glad that you and G were able to be there! =) Looking forward to the ornament post. =)

  10. @Jessica - Hi married lady! It's my pleasure. We were honored to be there. I loved your vows, and the love (and Mulan renditions!) of your family were beautiful to witness.

    And while this was definitely not the most important part of the wedding, we were in tastebud heaven b/c of the prosciutto-wrapped dates. GREAT PICK.

  11. this is awesome, charissa. can't wait to hear about the ornaments.

  12. @bo - Thanks! Do you sew, too??

  13. Hi there! I've almost read your whole blog and afterall I fell like saying "hello" to you:-) Not only wripping ideas are great (this one with the map I'm going to use this Saturday on my friend's wedding:), but also the charming atmosphere coming from your blog.. I can imagine you're really cherful person and this jump on your readers:) Greets from Poland

  14. @poludnik 98.6 - Aw, greetings from California! Thank you so much for reading along and for being thoughtful enough to leave a note. Have a great time at the wedding - and take a picture of your gift for me if you have a chance!!


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