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November 27, 2010

Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea: Start with a Theme

With Thanksgiving behind us I can focus The Gifted Blog on the obvious - holiday gift wrapping! I will continue posting about gift wrapping of all sorts, but from now through December 24th I will share my best Christmas gift wrapping ideas, as well as inspiration from across the web.

Today's Christmas gift wrapping idea is from Cassandra Radstaak of {rad}. If you'd like to get a head start on your holiday wrapping, why not begin with a theme? She writes:
Above is the scheme I came up with - red, white, silver and blue, mixed with craft paper items. I have red and white twine, some glittered peace signs and wrapping paper that is red, white and silver. Craft paper items are a staple of mine so I always have them on hand. A little nature with some glitter and snow.
While the idea of a "theme" for Christmas gift wrapping can seem restrictive, I love that Cassandra was able to pull from items she had already (such as the animal stickers, ornaments and peace signs). The vibe is already eclectic and fun!

This is something I probably never would have considered before, but after wrapping several gifts in very different ways last year, it would be a relief to have one set of colors and materials to work with. What about you? Any other Christmas gift wrapping ideas I should know about?

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{Images by Cassandra Radstaak: 1 & 2, 3}


  1. I keep searching the net for unique gift wrapping ideas, so this post was absolutely perfect today!!

  2. I agree that a theme can seem a wee bit restrictive, but if you're faced with TOO many options and need to filter it is probably smart.

  3. Other than spare paper bags and a cute rubber stamp display for each package, I don't have any, but if I come across some rad ones, you'll be the first to know! ^_^

  4. I am always looking for wrap that my kids will love, but its hard. So I really like her animal stickers. Great idea. Thank u for sharing, I have inspiration for my christmas gift wrap this year.

  5. @All - Great to hear from you! As Christmas approaches, I'm finding more and more creative minds posting about their takes on gift wrapping, and Cassie's theme idea is no exception. It's been fun to see, and I'm trying to stay really organized to share the best of them with you. Wish me luck - I'll be working from a hotel in Boston for the next few days. : )


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