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November 19, 2010

Free Printable Birthday Card | Free Printable Friday

It's my birthday tomorrow! It seems only fitting to share this beautiful - and free - printable birthday card with you, courtesy of SusyJack*. (Although, now that I know about it, maybe you should find a different free card to print for me.) Susy mentions you can use this as a framed print or gift decoration, too!

As you may have noticed, I re-named this series "Free Printable Friday". (It used to be "Free Idea Friday", but most of the ideas are printables!) The "Free" category is the most-viewed category on The Gifted Blog. Please let me know if there are ways I can improve it for you!

Finally, if you use one of these free printables for your gift wrapping, show it off right here! We'd love to see.

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  1. Great idea to switch the title of this section, especially since most of the ideas on your blog are free! With your effort to encourage using recycled materials, most of the ideas on the blog were things that were on their way to the trash can when you redeemed it for the high calling of wrapping a gift. Hmmm... redemptive art! I knew a man who live 2000 years ago who had a very similar calling! :)

  2. @Carolyn - Hey, good point. I am naturally most inspired by resourceful creativity, so sometimes I forget that many of the ideas here are budget-friendly. But duh! Thanks for the outside perspective.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

  4. @Teresa - Yay! Thanks so much. Getting the morning started with some of G's's going to be a good day.

  5. Happy birthday creative and gifted one - a blessing to many.

  6. @John O - Thanks, Dad! I appreciate you.

  7. i hope you had a great birthday!!


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