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November 18, 2010

Mobile Gift Wrapping for Me

I'm careful about posting personal information here, especially about my husband and son. But, I wanted to share: I'm turning 29 on Saturday! Man. It's the last year of my 20's. Any advice, guys?

I remembered this awesome gift wrapping executed by my husband G for my birthday last year. I meant to blog about it, but it got lost in the Christmas gift wrapping posting fray. November 20, 2009, I awoke to an unusual mobile hanging from our dining room chandelier...

Can you guess what was beneath the rice paper?

Gift wrapping ribbons!

And a decorative corner stamp. (Put to good use here.)

Thanks, honey. This has got to be the first gift wrapping in the world that pairs electrical conduit with Japanese rice paper, then turns it all into an exercise in equilibrium. You're the best.

And I'm serious about soliciting your words of wisdom...anything I should know as I round out my 20's? Any advice you would give your 29-year-old self if you could?

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  1. Happy Birthday. And I love your husband's mobile. Your creativity must have rubbed off. As someone in her 40's, I can tell you that it only gets better. The wisdom and confidence that come with getting older are awesome. Sure, I'd love to look like I did in my 20's, but that's ok (most of the time). So relax and enjoy the ride!!

  2. Wow, your husband is very creative. You can tell that he loves you very much with such a thoughtful gift, presented in a way that you would really love! My advice... pursue your passions while your life is still flexible and open... and wear sunscreen :)

  3. You know you're creating a legacy of your own when family members start creating special ways to give gifts. And... the fact that the gift itself was totally tuned into your passion... WOW! Yes, men can be thoughtful AND creative, too! I absolutely LOVE this idea... and plan to "borrow" it. I hope you don't mind.
    My advice to my 29 self: Be careful not to wish away the present while dreaming of the future. Cherish every moment with your children... you have them for such a short time in the scope of their lives.

  4. Wow! I'm impressed! It's beautiful, functional, and fun!

  5. YAY! I LOVE IT!!! For those commenters who don't know G, he is very creative in his own right too -- sending CDs in the mail to court charissa, designing and sewing their son's halloween costume, designing an awning for their front window, and building his own computer from parts. Bottom line -- this is one very creative family and there is a reason why these two crazy kids are together!!! :)

    Regarding advice for your 29th year, I don't know what it is like to be THAT old so I have nothing wise to impart! I choose to surround myself with those much older and wiser than myself, so that I can learn from their experiences and mistakes. ;) jk...

    Have a wonderful Bday!

  6. A little late, but still: Happy Birthday Charissa! Wish you many more years of creative gift wrapping (and receiving). I do have furoshiki on my mind, and should come up with something asap. Take care, Namitha

  7. @All - Thank you so much, sincerely. I appreciate your birthday wishes and words of wisdom!

  8. neat blog. happy birthday. my advice (i'm 41): 1.don't start from now going on about how "old" you are. you are far from it. the 30s are a wonderful decade, enjoy!

    2. cherish the elders in your family while they're still with you.

    3. ditto on the sunscreen!


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