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November 15, 2010

My Mom's Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

As you may have read, our son N's birthday recently passed. At 2 years old, his gift-unwrapping was marked by happy shrieks and industrious paper-tearing. I wanted to share two of my mom's creative gift wrap ideas with you. Both are eco-friendly. Both survived the trip from Seattle to Pasadena in perfect condition. And both made me realize (again) how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

The first is the simple cardboard tube below. I blurred the image, but you can see my mom cut out the letters of N's name in red and glued them down the front of the tube. I like that the "tag" and decoration on this creative gift wrap are one and the same.

Yellow tissue paper concealed the gift.

How easy is that? All you need is a tube bound for the recycling bin and a bit of tissue. Love it. We pulled the gift out to reveal a Japanese bullet train shirt by Namu!

The second example of my mom's creative gift wrap is this Snapfish box. Not much to look at from the back...

but the front was decorated with a picture of our family waiting for the train in Japan! Nice design work, Mom. This is a perfect example of taking what you love and making it work for your gift wrapping.

It wasn't until N opened this book my dad wrote and my mom designed that I realized it was wrapped in the box it was shipped to my parents' house in! It's doesn't get much greener than that - all that was added was a piece of heavy paper run through my parents' printer.

(And the book itself is classic. I refrained from showing the page about farting...thanks, Dad.)

Thanks to my parents for the gifts - and thanks, Mom, for the creative gift wrapping ideas! I'd like to hear: what do you all think? Have you repurposed an item bound for the recycling bin lately?

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  1. I want to see that book!! Those pics of N are priceless :)

  2. @life and lisa - Yeah! You'd love it. My parents are so funny...I'll try to remember to bring it with us when we visit Jiich & Baach next.

  3. so awesome. i love these ideas, and your execution as well.

  4. I love that you are keeping your mother's legacy alive through your wrapping techniques. I think the thought behind the presentation of a gift sometimes means more than the gift itself! Moms are great inspirations in so many ways....

  5. @seesaw designs & @whimsy - Thanks. All credit goes to my mom! It's been fun to blog about her.

  6. @OneCraftyFox - Isn't my mom fun? I thought both were a refreshing take on gift wrapping for kids!

  7. oh, now we know where you get your talent from!

    such great ideas, mom! and happy big 2 to N!

  8. what a great t-shirt! your mom has great taste.

  9. @deepblueseadesigns - You're so sweet. Thanks for saying hi and for the b-day wishes!

    @Bo - I know. It's definitely the trendiest shirt he owns now. : )


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