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November 8, 2010


Our little guy turned 2! Though the Terrible Twos are emerging, we love N to bits and are delighted to witness his personality bloom. He likes to drum. He pretends our travel pillow is a walrus. He is talking up a storm these days and the glimpses into his mind are hilarious.*

With a nod to last year, here's a little picture essay of some of the gifts from his friends and family. This boy is very loved.

Auntie M cut out lots of fluffy clouds for this gift (which turned out to be a helicopter - love it!).

The polka-dot box on bottom is from Gymboree, via my grandparents. It's pretty darn cute, and I realized it's as close an American counterpart to this cute Japanese wrapping as I've seen. With gift wrapping services disappearing from major chains, I have to say, nicely done, Gymboree.

I'll post details on a couple of the gifts from my parents because I think we could all learn a trick or two from my mom's gift wrapping ideas. I hope you'll join me!

* I can't resist. Here are some sound bites from the past weeks.
While recovering from a temperature
N: Fever.
Me: No, that's a beaver.
N: Fever beaver.

Peering into garbage can
N: Messy.

Chasing squirrel with arms outstretched

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  1. He is adorable! I don't know how you find time to blog with a 2-year-old. THAT is some hard work!

  2. @DuhBe - Thanks! And seriously, thanks for the blogging affirmation. It is a learned skill to work from home and care for a little one, and I am definitely still figuring it out.
    : )

  3. Happy Birthday to little N, he seems a really cheerful sort. Charissa, your blog has changed my approach to gift wrapping so much, I'm always trying to add a little detail here and there, and it is ALWAYS noticed and appreciated. To the extent that people sometimes assume that the gifts inside are also made by me!!! The next thing I'd like to do is try to interpret furoshiki to Indian fabrics and requirements. Namitha

  4. @Namitha - What encouraging words. Thank you! How gratifying that your touches are recognized, too. I would really like to see your experiments with Indian fabric furoshiki. Please report back as you try things out!

  5. One day late, but still: Happy birthday N! And you have my full admiration too. Blogging (especially thoughtful blogging!!) is very hard with a small child. Love the cloud package! What a great idea. I might try that with brown paper. And maybe some winter white recycled sweater felt clouds.

  6. @annekata - Thanks, Kathrin! I appreciate it. And, yes, I thought the cloud package was great. M used the back side of the blue paper for her white clouds - very resourceful. I'd love to see a felt version!

  7. Charissa, what an adorable blog. Thank you for stopping by the Compai blog and for your sweet compliments about my gift wrapping post! see you in the blogosphere! best wishes, Justina

  8. @Justina - Of course. Your blog is a gem; I'm so glad I ran across it!

  9. Ah! You're a kindred spirit! Love your blog!!!

  10. @Becky - So glad you could visit. Welcome!

  11. Oh I love the clouds! Just like Andy's bedroom in Toy Story!

    Victoria x

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY N!!!! I love the pictures and the quotes. I can't believe you guys have let your trash get so messy, good thing you have N there to point things out :-) :-) Sending my love. x

  13. @Victoria - Thanks for saying hello! Aren't the clouds cute? Our friend did a great job with them.

    @Lexie - Hey Lex! Thanks. I try to keep a notebook around to document some of what comes out of N's mouth...sometimes it's so surreal I can't remember it later. (At breakfast: "Calm walrus eating raisins.")

  14. Those fluffy clouds are so cheerful. : )


  15. @Felicity - Thanks for visiting! Yes, I agree about the clouds. I hope my friend M sees what a hit they've been here!


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