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November 5, 2010

Vintage Popcorn Boxes | Free Printable Friday

Edit: Unfortunately, it looks like these lovely boxes are no longer available for download. Find a similar popcorn box template here (page 14)!

free printable vintage popcorn box
Here's a perfect match with this week's kettle corn recipe: free printable vintage popcorn boxes! Created by the lovely Natalie Jost for a birthday party, these would be great 'gift boxes' for your freshly-made popcorn. If freshness is a concern, you could put the popcorn in a tied plastic bag before putting it in its own vintage popcorn box.

Alternately, use one for a 'movie night' gift. Throw in a bag of microwave popcorn, some Sour Patch Kids and a gift certificate to Netflix. Some yellow tissue paper and you're done!

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  1. (gasp) Yes, you could! That's a wonderful idea.

    You could extend the theme-ness of this gift by taking some nice red cardboard paper (that think stuff, cardstock, cardstock, that's right!), look on google images, and create two large old-timey tickets or passes for a date night with your partner or best friend.

    *brushes dust off hands* done and done.

  2. @boatx2 - I like it, Roe. Way to take it to the next level!

  3. Any chance you have this template still available?

  4. @floradanica - Unfortunately, the last time I looked for it on Natalie's website, I couldn't find it! I should edit this post to reflect that. Thanks for checking in about it.

  5. is there any chance that these templates are available for sale !!!!

    1. Hi there - you can inquire with Natalie Jost, who shared them originally. Her blog is linked in the post!


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