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November 22, 2010

With a little help from my friends...

Thanks to my talented friend Hanna Kang-Brown, The Gifted Blog is getting a new look! I haven't updated my banner since switching over to Blogger, and a change has been sorely needed. Here's a sneak peek at 3 of the drafts she sent (click for larger view).

"Easy chic"
Seeing these for the first time was like opening a box of chocolates! Which do you like the best? I was amazed at how she was able to convey a different attitude with each one. Way cooler than I would have been able to pull off.

The width of my banner hasn't matched the body of the blog for several months now, and it was a task that was really nagging me. When Hanna offered her design skills, I was excited, but hesitant. I have had creative control over every last detail here from day one, and I wasn't sure what it would be like to give even a small bit of that up.

I decided to pray about it. Blogging has become a spiritual testing ground for me, a place where God is shaping the kind of person I am becoming. Will I ask for his input or do it my way? Do I really believe he's in control of my success? What does it mean to do this creative work "for him"? Long story short, I asked God for direction, heard a pretty intense verse, and decided to go for it!

I'm so glad I did. Hanna was able to take my rudimentary input and distill it into designs that I immediately resonated with. I'd love to know: which do you think should become The Gifted Blog's next banner?

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  1. i like #2, but definitely go with the one you like most, because it's ultimately your vision that needs to be conveyed, and you know best which one matches the mood you want to create on the blog. very exciting!

  2. I love that you threw the choice out to your readers. All of those are fabulous. I love that the backgrounds in 1 an 2 give nods to the patterns of the beautiful papers and fabrics you use. But 3 has a really clean, modern look to it. I think 1 and 2 give the most nod to your personality. I don't know. Hard choice.

  3. I like #2 as well, but they are all fabulous!

  4. hanna did such a great job, i like them all! i think 2 might be my fave, with 3 a close second!

  5. I like the Easy Chic because it's attention getting and easy to read. It also looks a little different from what's out there - more eyecatching.

    Thanks for your blog!

  6. Hey! I love n.2! But it was hard to choose. I hope it helps :-)
    Hope to see your choice soon!
    Mad About Pink

  7. @All - I love the feedback and comments! Looks like #2 ("Easy chic") is a strong contender.

    @bo - Thanks for the vote of confidence! Isn't it cool how each one does convey a different mood?

    @Kelly - Great to hear from you. You have a keen eye - Hanna actually made those backgrounds in #1 and #2 from a furoshiki pattern I photographed. It's touches like that that I never would have thought of.

  8. dah, it's a bitter tie between #1 and #2!!

    The white space of number one immediately attracts my eye, as well as offers the user something visually different to feast on; the many boxes could be construed as busy (those darn critics!) but together, though, I think they balance well.

    The second one is more clean! And just seems like such a sophisticated way to highlight a blog on the art of gift wrap! But it is darker.

    Good luck!

  9. I actually like 1 and 3 the best. I think 3 wins out for me. I like the simplicity of it.


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