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December 13, 2010

Furoshiki for G | Gift Wrap Story

This Wrap Story is part of a mini-series, documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of The Gifted Blog. Click here for the whole series!

Between N's birthday and mine, G celebrated his. As adults, it's easy to wonder if we are doing okay at living life. No one is handing out gold stars or report cards anymore, and sometimes we just want to know that we are doing a pretty darn good job being ourselves.

And so, for his birthday, I contacted friends and family to ask them for the gift of an encouraging word for G. Not to stroke his ego, but to affirm the good things that God is doing in and through him. I have a little book that I'm filling, bit by bit, in lieu of giving G cards:

It's made from an old shorthand dictionary by Ex Libris Anonymous (side note: shorthand looks crazy!). The affirming words poured in, and they all went into the book. This one was specially done in color!

N added his contribution towards the end in yellow highlighter. He paused gesturing across the page to look and remark: "I love it!" That pretty much made my day.

I always find myself assembling and wrapping G's gifts at the last minute (thankfully, the wrapping was pre-done last year!). I took out this furoshiki from Kyoto's Karakusaya furoshiki store and improvised a wrap on the diagonal. (One thing I've learned with furoshiki is that bigger can be better! The two we selected for ourselves are smallish and it limits what I can do with them.)

Something didn't seem right. I tucked the ends of the knot under themselves for a more polished and (I thought) manly look:

I loved hearing from the people in G's life and seeing him through their eyes. It made me appreciate him and remember some of his qualities (peaceful, dependable, committed) that I (shamefully) sometimes take for granted.

Happy birthday, honey! You are a gift to many.

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  1. that's so awesome charissa. what a great gift.

  2. I don't know what I love more, the gift idea or the wrapping. That's so thoughtful and I agree with you, shorthand is crazy! My mother used to have a shorthand dictionary and I remember stumbling upon it as a kid and thinking it looked crazy.

    This is such a great idea. I know my dad would adore something like this.

  3. @bo - Thanks, Bo!

    @Kelly - You are very sweet. I'm glad someone is feeling me on the shorthand, too. I cannot imagine what it was like to learn and use back in the day!

    For the man (or woman) who has everything, I think this is a great gift idea.


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