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December 4, 2010

Late Breaking News

There's not often pressing news to deliver in the world of gift wrapping, but I've got some! First: the government is giving away free gift wrap. (I know!) And it's not just any old gift wrap, but old topographic maps from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Check it out:
To promote recycling and to save the colorful but space-consuming outdated topographic maps from landfill, the U.S. Geological Survey and California Geological Survey’s Maps and Publications Sales Office is giving them away for use as gift wrap. With their shades of green for forests, cities etched in red, and blue waterways, many of the maps are arrayed in holiday colors, and their large size, 24" by 30" offers a generous wrap for most holiday packages. The free maps will be available for pickup in person only, in limited quantities, through December 23rd.
How I wish I lived closer to their office in Menlo Park! Bay Area readers, please let us know if you check it out - I think it is a superb idea. Details here.

And for a bit of news that's accessible wherever you are, I was graciously interviewed by Alex Tower Ewers for her adorable blog Repurposed Playground! Alex writes about finding new uses for old things and does it very stylishly. I've especially enjoyed her ideas for toddlers that she's test-driven with her own little one!
When she sent me a link to her posts about gift wrapping with recycled materials, I knew she was a kindred spirit. You can read the interview and say hello right here. Thanks, Alex, for the opportunity. You asked great questions!

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{Center map image by foto.bulle}


  1. Just read the lovely interview. Very well done. I also like the idea regarding the map give-away. I'd love to get my hands on those. Think what we could do with them: Cards, decoupage, giftwrap, origami, you name it...
    Wishing you very happy and calm holiday season!

  2. @annekata - Thank you so much! I must have felt comfortable because I realized that my answers are fairly long...hopefully the overall effect isn't too wordy. And, yes, you would do beautiful things with those maps. I think it's a brilliant idea - since when has the U.S. Geological Survey seemed so with-it and relevant?


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