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December 1, 2010

Nature's Beauty for a Simple Wrap (guest post by my mom)

Soon after writing about N's birthday gifts (which included two cleverly-wrapped presents from my parents) my mom e-mailed, asking, "Are you featuring a section on wrapping using nature?"

Do you know what? I'm not. But what followed was basically a guest post from my mom, images included. How can I resist? Take it away, Mom!
"Some flowers retain a natural beauty even after their prime. I'm not an expert on drying flowers, but when the paperwhite narcissus flowers were near their expired life, I clipped the stalks near their base, then hung them upside down in a cool, dry, dark location. I was able to use them simply on this gift to a newborn, looping the stem a couple times to add some interest and dimension.

The wrapping paper is a matte bronze from Ikea, the flat card is acid free card stock with flecks of gold adhered to the box with spray adhesive. They were subtle enough to complement and offset the flowers. Experiment with different flowers. Some will be fragile and crumble when dried. The paperwhite narcissus turned out plenty durable."

Beautiful, Mom. I'm so glad to add your gift wrapping idea to the blog! Readers: have you ever incorporated materials from nature in your gift wrap? Share your photos in the Gifted Blog Flickr pool!

(Technical aside: Be sure to select the Attribution Creative Commons license (under "Owner settings") if I have your permission to blog about it. I'd love to share your work here!)

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  1. this is beautiful! your mom is so creative.

  2. i love it! simple and elegant. to add to the theme of incorporating materials from nature into my gift wrapping, last christmas i made dipping oils and put them in glass bottles. they were such an odd shape to wrap i ended up tying fresh rosemary stems with raffia to the neck of the bottle and it looked pretty good! sadly i didn't take any photos.

  3. @bo - Isn't she? It's fun to go back to my old home and see all the gift wrapping trimmings she has stashed away. The dried flowers are usually rubber-banded to small closet doorknobs in the basement.
    : )

    @Shawna - What a creative family! I feel like homemade foods are such a gift in and of themselves, it just takes something simple to gift wrap them. I love your idea and I bet your friends were happy to receive them!

  4. This is such a wonderful idea - I don't normally associate flowers with gift wrapping. But I do know :) Thank you for sharing.

  5. @Jodie - Thank you for your kind words! It's been fun to have my mom's guest post up - every blogger should be so lucky.


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