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December 6, 2010

New Banner is Up

Thanks to Hanna's design skills and my husband's HTML prowess, the new Gifted Blog banner is up! Hanna made a few helpful tweaks to the last draft. She enlarged the title, swapped out a photo that wasn't mine (though I wished I could have used that one from Nice Package!), and added some drop shadows for dimension.

When I saw this banner in the first round of drafts, I immediately thought, "It's so me! She nailed it." Hanna took my initial thoughts and developed them into something that reflects the simplicity, joy and thoughtfulness that I want to convey with my gift wrapping and blog. Yay!

I also spent way too many hours last night playing around with the new sidebar widget for my favorite books on packaging and gift wrapping ideas. Do you like it? Or are the sidebars getting too crazy? There is so much I want to put there, but I don't want it to overwhelm.

And finally, if you're wondering about the heart-shaped box on the banner, a tutorial is coming! I'm thinking about calling it the 'Woodland Gift Box'. But I usually hate naming things; don't really have a knack for it. Any other ideas?

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  1. I know I've been MIA from the blogosphere these past few months, but I wanted to compliment you on the new banner -- so pretty! :)

    Hope you're well.

  2. I like the new banner. And the sidebars are just enough.

  3. yay, congrats! p.s. i love your profile pic on the side too.

  4. @All - Thank you - so glad to have a new look!

    @silverkeys - It's okay to be MIA! I hope you are doing well...thanks for taking time to say hi!

    @bo - My friend Michelle Brenhaug took it; didn't she do a great job? I need to credit her on my 'About' page. It's funny; we thought it would be a good idea to try some where I'm not smiling - they totally don't look natural! I think some people can get away with it, but I'm just a smiler.

  5. Darling new banner! I love it!

  6. I've also been MIA, so when I popped over here I was delighted at the new look. It looks fabulous! I don't think the sidebars are too busy, but I usually ignore them unless I'm looking for something specific anyway - don't most of us do that?


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