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December 9, 2010

Pretty Packaging by Artist Cathy McMurray

I lucked out this summer and won a swap-a-thon on Cathy McMurray's blog, Habit of Art. In exchange for one of my gift card holders, I received a beautiful print from her Etsy shop. Cathy's art is as peaceful as the nature scenes that inspire her, and I was thrilled to adorn our home with her work!

When I received the print, I was immediately struck by the hand-drawn details she added to the package. Below is a close-up of the label.

I enjoyed seeing motifs from our new art (titled Eureka) in the packaging. Below, a "Do not bend" warning is kept company by some trees on a cloudy day.

Here's a detail of the print. I love seeing Cathy's favorite motifs throughout the print and its packaging!

So, Cathy, thanks for the print and the beautiful presentation that accompanied it! I feel challenged to see humble envelopes and printer labels with a new eye in my gift wrapping practice. If you haven't already, please stop by Cathy's blog and Etsy shop. They are a treat!

Readers, this reminded me of an artist's version of this quick gift wrapping upgrade. Adding your own drawings to a gift is a simple and effective way to personalize it. Will any of you doodle your own gift labels come this Christmas?

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  1. Hi,
    the print is really beautiful, I love it:-)

    I mention your blog here:
    thank you, for all the packaging ideas:-)

  2. @OrloSubito - Isn't Cathy's work lovely? I recently purchased another print from her and I love it. I'm not usually an art-purchaser, so it feels great to start our own mini collection!

    Thank you so much for the kind mention on your blog. Your stitched envelopes turned out great, and I love how they have your touch!

  3. Charissa, I am honored that you would feature my packaging and my art. Personalizing the packaging is my favorite part of fulfilling orders. Thanks for noticing the details!

  4. Oh my goodness - could spend a couple of hours here, such a useful blog! :-)

    I made the fan out of paper (the same I wrapped it with) and just wrapped and curled some ribbon around. :-)

    I´m just getting ready to begin the wrapping of christmas presents, so I´ll come here for inspiration! :-)

  5. Wrapping sometimes overtakes the gift. I love to bake cookies for my relatives (that have everything!) and personalize the packaging. Now it is fun to have my daughters add their personal touch to presents or packaging. I look forward to savoring more of your ideas...

  6. @Cathy - Of course! I have really enjoyed opening each item you've sent my way. I feel lucky to have found you and your work!

    @tinajo - Thanks so much. I thought your fan gift wrapping was adorable and I'd love to have you here as a reader!

    @Rachel Hamilton - Hi Rachel! I'm glad you stopped by. Baked goods are a great gift idea. I feel like you're always giving a bit of yourself when you give a gift, and that if you've already put effort into the baking, the wrap can be simple. It's a bonus that you and your girls personalize the packaging!

  7. Cathy's work is really beautiful and I can confirm first hand that her thoughtful packaging is indeed an extension of her wonderful art!

    Hope your computer is working again soon!

  8. @annekata - YES. It's really a pleasure to receive Cathy's work. Thanks for the wishes on my computer! G is working on it and we'll see what can be recovered.


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