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December 16, 2010

Recycled Sari Ribbon from Darn Good Yarn

After reading about Wanda Wen's use of luxurious materials in The Art of Gift Wrapping, I felt compelled to try something similar. Wanda owns the paper boutique Soolip, and a number of her gift wrapping ideas utilize rare handmade papers and hand-dyed silk ribbons.

Since wrapping gifts with old juice bottles and t-shirts is more my comfort zone, I wanted to do something different. I genuinely want to grow my gift wrapping abilities, and one way to do that is to copy the masters! I went on the hunt for silk ribbon.

Enter Darn Good Yarn. A few Google searches in, I found that this company offers a recycled sari ribbon, made with silk and rayon remnants from the sari-making process. Gorgeous and green - right down my alley! It's sold in skeins of about 130 feet, making it a more affordable option than purchasing shorter lengths of silk ribbon from Etsy.

I was just going to try a red skein for my Christmas gift wrapping, but Nicole, the owner of Darn Good Yarn, convinced me to try the Tibet Jewels colorway (above and below). Because I knew already I'd be blogging about it, she generously gave it to me on the house. Thanks, Nicole!

It is truly gorgeous. I love the juxtaposition of colors and pattens. The reds are lovely, too!

While I don't have a formal gift wrapping theme at this point, I am really excited to incorporate the red sari ribbon into my Christmas gift wrapping ideas.

Thinking of browsing for some silk ribbon of your own? Here is my nutshell review.
- Adds a unique gift wrapping look to any gift you'd use standard ribbon on.
- A bohemian, global vibe - unlike any other ribbon I've seen.
- Recycled.
- Supports Nepalese women's co-ops with fair wages.
- Loose threads. (Perhaps this is just a con for Type As like myself!)
- Colors and patterns are randomly juxtaposed, so in gift wrapping, you never know what will end up next to each other. (Again, coming from my control-freak personality. I'd bet there are some for whom the surprise element is perfect!)

Visit Darn Good Yarn to see their full selection of recycled sari ribbon. If you'd like to pick up a skein or 2 for yourself, use the coupon code GIFTED5 for 5% off your order!

What do you all think? Do you like it?

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  1. Wonderful! I have been searching for this ribbon in bright colors! Lovely post!

  2. @Roben-Marie - So glad you like it! It's really quite distinctive and fun to use.


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