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December 7, 2010

Stunning Gift Wrapping by Compai Creative

Are you ready for this? You might want to sit down.

WOW. Of the hundreds of gift wrapping ideas I come across online, there are few that impact me like these. With Christmas fast approaching, I am loving these gift embellishments - they just exude joy!

Justina Blakeney of Compai Creative blogged about her Earth-friendly gift wrapping ideas, writing, "I love to use items that people will keep and reuse or items that can be discarded into the compost-- so as decor I have used real, live leaves and flowers, brooches, incense and doilies- not only so they make the gift look special, but they become a part of the gift, too."

With all the buzz about being "green" these days, I like Justina's approach: gift wrap with items that can be composted or used again. No-nonsense. The palm leaf and incense ones (above and below) are my favorites.

Visit the Compai Blog or Flickr stream to be oggle Justina's gift wrapping ideas in greater detail. Which one do you like best?

[Note: There are a few open spots in the Eco-Felt Ornament Workshop that I'd love for you & a friend to take! If you know you can make it, please register to reserve your seat.]

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{Images via Compai Blog}


  1. I love the idea of using brooches as both embellishments and long-lasting gifts!

    There is this great post by Scoutie Girl about the hesitation of handmade, sustainable, and persevering objects stemming from living in a culture with commitment issues.

    I love the part where Justina expresses that the things she gives and the way she gives them are meant to be things that people keep. And I wonder how, in our society, we can make things that last (even gifts) a little less scary. Hm.

  2. @bo - I know. Outstanding examples of joyful, out-of-the-box gift giving and wrapping!

    @boatx2 - I never thought about our commitment issues getting in the way of using sustainable/persevering objects in daily life. That's really interesting. I can see how that has plagued me in my wardrobe...though hopefully now I'm making better choices to buy clothes that will last through the seasons.
    : )

  3. Wow! I'm so flattered to be featured here and so happy that people are 'getting it' about the embellishments that last. Thanks Charissa!

  4. Love the gift wrapping with brown paper and the idea of being able to either reusing or composting the material. And your new banner is super! Really lovely!

  5. Hi Charissa! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! What a cool site you have. Very creative, crafty and fun ideas-Love it! It was so nice to meet you too. I'm sure I'll be seeing you at the shop soon!

  6. @Jenna - Yes! I love that I get to meet creative people as a part of my job. We'll look forward to having you back at Common Thread!


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