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December 20, 2010

Woodland Gift Box | Tutorial

Looking for an alternative to the traditional red and green for your holiday gift wrapping? Try your hand at this Woodland Gift Box and see how a few simple materials can be transformed into a shabby-chic keepsake box. Here's how!

- Kraft box, available at craft or packaging stores
- White acrylic paint
- Paper towel
- Seed pods (whole cloves, cardamom pods, dried lentils or beans would work, too)
- Strong glue (I like Aleene's Original Tacky Glue)

With a bit of paper towel, apply a layer of white acrylic paint to the box.

Don't worry about getting it exactly even. Use light strokes for a rustic, antiqued look.

After the paint has dried, take out your seed pods (or cloves, or lentils, or dried beans) and play with them to find an arrangement that you like.

I ended up liking the bottom right one the best. Take a digital picture to help you remember. Carefully transfer the seed pods from the box top to your work table, keeping the arrangement as intact as possible.

Starting with the seed pods on the bottom (if your arrangement is slightly layered), apply a generous amount of glue and place on box.

It make take some experimentation to apply the glue where the pods make contact with the box top!

Let it dry. You did it! Beautiful and easy, right?

I can imagine this box holding a gift for a woman of any age. Since the 'gift toppers' are a part of the box, I love that it's something she can keep and use long after the excitement of opening it.

One thing, though - I'm bummed that I don't know what the name of these pods are! Does anyone know? I noticed they were even used in The Art of Gift Wrapping, but they weren't identified. Googling "flower shaped seed pod" hasn't worked either.

N has observed me foraging for interesting gift wrapping materials on our walks around campus and at church, and has become quite the acorn-spotter as a result. Haven't tried this box with them, yet, though. Readers, please take a picture if you make this box. I would love to see how yours turns out!

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  1. Okay it's official, can you just come to my house and wrap my gifts for me. I was so lazy this year. I made a bunch of goodies to give to my dog walker and bought premade boxes from the container store. ::Hangs head in shame::

  2. I really like that rustic painted kraft box. I never thought of just wiping paint with a paper towel. How easy is that?

  3. Brilliant. This is the perfect example of the packing becoming part of the gift. Or, in fact, the packaging being the gift. Charissa, you've outdone yourself.

  4. Adorable DIY activity! Fun to do with the kids over the Holiday! Love it!!

  5. @Kelly - No shame in premade boxes! Especially if you've been thoughtful enough to make the treats yourself. : )

    @DuhBe - Hi Luci! Just gave one of your solid shampoos & conditioners to my sister for her b-day. I think she likes it (she received a compliment from a co-worker on her hair today!). The paper towel idea was born from necessity - I didn't have the right-size brush.

    @annekata - You are too kind. Thank you!

    @Preppy Little Dress - Absolutely! I am excited about all the variations you could do with stuff in your kitchen (beans, lentils, whole spices). Let me know if you try this w/ kids!

  6. Oh my Gosh! This is ingenious! Thank you so much for sharing - I'll be certainly using this! And pinning it right now :)

  7. @Little Treasures - You're so sweet. Thank you! And thanks for the Pinterest love, too!


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