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January 26, 2011

Common Thread Studio

I alluded to this news in my last post - and here it is. I got a job! I'm working part-time at Common Thread Studio, a sewing studio and gift shop in South Pasadena. I am almost still amazed that I am here. This is me on my first day:

This job came completely out of the blue. I walked past Common Thread on my way to meeting a dear friend for grilled cheese. An hour later, I met the owner. Five days later, I interviewed and got a job offer!

After having our son N and leaving MOCA, I've essentially been a stay-at-home mom. My main work has been mothering and blogging. For the past year and a half, I've been asking God what it means to have work that is life-giving and income-generating. I know how to be creative, and I know how to bring home a paycheck, and but I didn't necessarily see how to do both.

The Gifted Blog has been an essential piece of the puzzle. I've so enjoyed bringing a piece of something I love - creative gift wrapping - to you every week. It's shown me what it's like to have life-giving work.

This job at Common Thread Studio is absolutely a gift from God. It's another piece of the puzzle and an answer to my prayer. While I've taken steps to be monetarily compensated for blogging, it is definitely a labor of love. But one day of work at Common Thread earns me more than 4 months worth of ad revenue from the blog(!).

I am so grateful to get paid for helping people get in touch with their inner creativity. Common Thread offers classes and studio time to give customers access to expert instruction and sewing tools. Though I'm mostly a hand-sewing enthusiast (thanks, Kathrin!), working here gets me excited about getting reacquainted with the sewing machine.

I'll be working on the website, scheduling students for classes, managing the shop and hopefully blogging and teaching classes down the line! I'm so excited to see how my work with The Gifted Blog has prepared me so specifically to give my best to Common Thread. Seriously cool. And, I truly believe, orchestrated by God.

I'll be back with a recap of my first day of work, then it's back to blogging about gift wrapping. See you soon!

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{Last images via Common Thread Studio}


  1. wow charissa, that is so great. i loved reading the background story of the last few years too. so happy for you.

  2. @bo - Thanks so much, girl! I really appreciate your cross-country support.

  3. Oh how exciting!! Congratulations. I know exactly how you feel about "doing both". My little man has just started pre school and I am now hoping to start earning again. I guess I'm hoping this time around I can combine what I do for a living, with what I love to do in life. Alot like you.
    Soooo happy for you!!

  4. @Miss P - Portia, thank you! And thanks for sharing a bit about your own journey. It's been such a rush of emotions...excitement to be working, fear about how our little guy would do with the transition, guilt about not being with him as much (though I vowed I wouldn't feel guilty!), and anticipation to see how we all grow as a family because of this adventure. All the best to you as you explore what's next!

  5. You'll do great and just as importantly, your little man will do great too. It's hard but part of our job is letting go of them little by little...

  6. this is just fabulous! so happy for you and honestly do not think you could be any more adorable.

  7. Congratulations and good luck in your new job. It truly sounds like the perfect fit. And it just looks and sounds like an awesome place to work, which is important when u r away from your little one.

  8. It is truly of God when we get to do what we love and get paid for it! Awesome!

  9. I have been praying for you and your family as you all make the adjustments to paid creative work. I look forward to hearing more.

  10. @The Running Writer - Cassandra, thank you for sharing the happiness! I'm glad to hear you've been sewing...are you working on anything right now?

    @Beth - Thanks for the well-wishes! I had been holding out for the right fit before starting work again and I was starting to wonder if it existed. This, to me, is proof that it was worth it to not settle for just any job. God is good!

    @Betty - YES. And I certainly don't take it for granted.

    @Susan - Thank you for your prayers and for all of your career wisdom over the past years! I still have printouts on how to conduct an informational interview from SPU's Career Center.
    : )

  11. Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity. The place is beautiful and looking at all the sewing machines makes me want to get acquainted with my sleepy sewing machine. Enjoy your first day at work and have a great weekend!

  12. @annekata - Thank you, Kathrin! And thank you for getting me started on hand-sewing again. Your posts and projects are truly inspirational.

  13. That's lovely news in the new year, Charissa. I'm sure you'll be adding your own stamp of soulfulness to your job and that's always a great thing. Best wishes, Namitha

  14. Congratulations! Sometimes life interrupts (it definitely has in the case of my own personal blog!); but I'm glad that this particular interruption came in the form of a great, unexpected blessing! :) God is neat that way.


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