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January 31, 2011

First Day on the Job

As promised, here are some notes from my first day on the job at Common Thread Studio! N and G dropped me off before heading off to Amy's Playground for a father-son outing. I loved leaving the house as a family so they could see where I'd be spending the day.

Here I am. Kind of like a "first day of kindergarten" shot.

N immediately honed in on these amazing wooden toys, made in Oregon.

They met the shop dog, Luca.

My first major assignment? Embroidering a felt stocking for an upcoming class. Coming fresh off of stitching my way through a fabulous Eco-Felt Ornament workshop, I could barely believe it! (Are you sure I get paid for this?)

Jin, the store owner, gave me a brief training and then headed out to L.A. for 5 hours of meeting and errands. Somewhat dumbstruck, I "managed" the shop solo, encountering many customer questions I didn't know the answers to. (Do you do machine embroidery? Where can I find 100% cotton thread for my vintage clothing reconstruction? Can you sew my coach's name onto a sports jersey?)

Luckily, when she wasn't frolicking with other doggie visitors, I had Luca for company.

Jin returned at the end of the day and we wrapped things up by inventorying some new items for the store. Running your own shop is no joke! We counted everything and assigned each product a code, then I wrote out the price stickers by hand.

I can't believe Jin has being running this whole operation single-handedly thus far. She is a powerhouse!

So, that's a taste of my new job. If you're in the area, check us out! I know the answers to a lot more questions now. As I resume blogging, would you like updates on my work at Common Thread? So much good stuff is happening there, but not much of it relates to gift wrapping. I'd honestly appreciate your opinion. What are your 2 cents?

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  1. Hi Charissa,

    Sounds like you and Common Thread are a perfect fit! Sounds exciting! Having owned my own retail store, I like talking shop.

    Look forward to hearing more great stories and ideas from work.

  2. I like gift-wrapping so I read your blog. But I really come back for your insights on blogging and the creative process. If your thoughts on work are about how to launch a shop, combine creativity and enterprise, I am sure there will be plenty of overlap that works with the blog.

  3. @Cathy - Thanks so much! And I appreciate your feedback about whether I should incorporate this part of my creative journey on the blog. I'm curious now to know more about your adventures in shop-owning...hope I can here more from you in the future!

    @Rachel Hamilton - It means a lot to hear this from you; thank you. (G said, "Whoa. Rachel Hamilton commented on your blog.") I think you make excellent points about how writing about the job can be relevant here. And you made me realize that my favorite blogs aren't just ones that give info, but ones that offer some insight that I can apply to my own life. Hm, something to strive for.

  4. The store looks beautiful, even more so with the embroidered stocking. I'd love to hear news and ideas from the Common Thread and how your work is going. The concept seems lovely.
    Enjoy your week!

  5. Well done!
    Congrats and enjoy your week :)

  6. @annekata - Aw, thanks, Kathrin. Thank you for the encouragement to continue to write about Common Thread. It definitely seems like it could be a turning point for the just to experiment with what that could look like!

    @Aiyeshah - So nice to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words.

  7. I definitely would! It isn't necessarily about giftwrapping, but the shop seems so interesting. Maybe you can use the new things you learn at the shop to tie into a gift wrapping idea at the end of the post. ^_^

  8. @boatx2 - Hi Roe; nice to know that you'd like shop updates, too. The more I think about it, the more this blog is actually about living a creative life...and my work there fits right into that. Thanks!

  9. just catching up here... wow! what a wonderful place to work! i'd love to hear more...

  10. @deepblueseadesigns - Yeah!! So excited to be here. It makes all the sewing-related blog posts I read so much more relevant now. I'll definitely try to keep you all posted.

  11. As someone whose own blog has taken a 180 degree turn, I say just keep blogging your interests! I would love to hear about your adventures in that adorable little shop. (and cute doggie pics will always bring us back!)

  12. @DuhBe - Good advice, Luci. I am still as interested in your blog as ever - proud of you for continuing your creative business journey!


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