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February 25, 2011

About Page is Updated

Hi readers! Here I am, beaming with multicolored light, to let you know I've updated my About page.

It now explains my participation in Google AdSense and the Amazon Affiliate program. I've written about this before, but it seemed best to put this info in one place.

When you click on an ad, I'm credited with a percentage of money from the advertiser through AdSense. (The average click here is worth about 75 cents.) If you purchase anything from an Amazon link, I receive a small percentage of that purchase (at no extra cost to you). These are two ways I'm turning my passion into a source of income!

I'd love your feedback on the About page, though. When I find a new blog I'm usually curious to know more about the blogger. (How old is she? What's her day job? How does she take those amazing photos?) Should I divulge more?

Maybe I should start by explaining why I'm wearing booties in a multicolored room...

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  1. Hey Charissa! I saw this website and thought of you, this person seems like she into the same things as you:

  2. @sora - Aw, thanks for thinking of me. I've been collecting class ideas for Common Thread and I actually saw her ruffle pillow tutorial somewhere - didn't realize it was from her, though!

    And - hey - you have a blog! Cool.
    : )

  3. I know where that room is! I've been there :)

  4. @Hanna K. - Did you like it? The 3 of us went and it was so cool to go to something that engaged all of us so wholly. We swam, too!

  5. Love it charis!! well written and gives a nice fulfilling portrait of you and why this blog exists. you should definitely NOT explain why you are in a multicolored room. keep em guessing, a little bit anyways.
    love lex.
    PS. HI HANNA!!

  6. @Lexie - Thanks, Lex. I appreciate the feedback. It's so weird writing about yourself, you really need some second opinions!

    And the multicolored room? We redid our apartment bathroom. ; )


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