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February 2, 2011

Eco-Felt Ornament Workshop Highlights

It's the beginning of February. The perfect time to be writing about...Christmas. Just kidding! (That was so last year.) Humor me as I play a little catch-up - there are a couple things from last month I want to fill you in on.

After getting hooked on hand-stitched ornaments last summer, I knew I wanted to teach some kind of hand-sewn ornament class. I had a stash of thrifted wool and cashmere sweaters, then I found felt made from recycled plastic bottles. Bingo! The Eco-Felt Ornament Workshop was born.

Five other ladies and I took a break from the stress of the season and embarked on a mini crafting retreat. Here they are, mid-process. (We joked that the table was unintentionally split Pennsylvanian/Korean!)

There were lots of embellishing goodies to choose from.

Everyone went to town snipping, arranging, rearranging...

and finally stitching.

I budgeted 2 and a half hours for the class, which turned out too short! We could have kept going for a long while. Everyone did great, though, and took supplies home to complete what they didn't get to in class.

My camera died toward the end of class (a day after my laptop crashed...yikes), and I was grateful that B had her camera to document a group shot and our many works-in-progress.

I had a great time, ladies! I was impressed by your diligence and focus. Let's do it again!

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