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February 16, 2011

Fabric Origami Gift Box

Will the wonders from How About Orange never cease?

I'm often drawn to projects that use obscure items, so obscure they would make useless tutorials. Not everyone has access to an art museum's recycling bins or a year's stash of bread bag ties.

That's why I so admire bloggers who consistently publish tutorials with easy-to-access materials. Visit How About Orange for this tutorial on folding your own fabric origami box. With fabric stiffener and a square of fabric, Jessica turned this basic origami box into something very special!

I'd love to see someone use this as a gift box for a wedding ring, or maybe something to hold party favors for a special occasion.

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  1. Oh my, how could I have not thought about this?

  2. @annekata - That's why I find How About Orange so excellent - she presents ideas that are fresh and yet obvious at the same time. You'd make a lovely one, I'm sure!


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