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February 11, 2011

Japanese Tape Twist Tie | 5 Minute Upgrade

This series was born when a friend requested quick ways to make a gift look nice before running out the door. Want more fast gift wrapping ideas? Click here to see every 5 Minute Upgrade post to date!

I shared 6 ideas for gift wrapping food a while ago on The Pink Apron, and recently came across another gift wrapping idea that didn't make it into that post. Using Japanese washi tape and wire, make a pretty twist tie for your baked goods! I think simple is the way to go when you gift wrap homemade food. What you've cooked up is already graced with your thoughtful touch!

Find the instructions here at zakka life. And check back next week for more washi tape gift wrapping goodness!

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  1. Wow, looks really nice. I've never come up with making twist tie by myself (even using washi)!

  2. I love your blog !

    Simple and clean :)

    Love the idea, you could use that for gifts too, doesn't have to be only for wrapping food

  3. @Makiko - Hi! Yes, isn't it a cute idea? So glad to hear from you - how are you?

    @Manayer - Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. I saw you recently started blogging...welcome to the blogosphere!

  4. This is a brilliant idea. I'll try that and then weave it through some fabric and see if it works. Very inspiring!

  5. @annekata - I'd love to see your variations on this idea. Let us know if you try it!

  6. Love these! Looking forward to your ideas on giftwrapping using washi tape!

    Here are some of the washi tape giftwrapping ideas I've come up with:

  7. I am one of the proud recipients of the Lucy/Itsy
    papers. The quality is excellent and difficult to part with once you have it. But what a treat for some lucky gift receiver. All I can say is the gift underneath might be faced with some heavy competition on the outside.

  8. @Omiyage - Thank you! I can't take credit for this idea or the washi tape gift wrapping I'll feature next week, but it's a pleasure to share them. I looked at your link - the cake you made is my favorite - haven't seen anyone do that before!

    @Tina Tankka - It's great to hear from you! I think you're probably referring to the Paper Tiger Shanghai post, so I'm going to repost your comment there. Thanks for dropping a line!


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