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February 21, 2011

Washi Tape Gift Wrapping by Essimar | Inspired By

This Inspired By post is part of a mini-series on the things and people that inspire my gift wrapping. Inspiration can strike at any time!

Japanese washi tape rocks, but it's been around so long in the crafty blogosphere that it's starting to feel passe. Enter Essimar. Esther Ramirez is the artist behind the Essimar Papel Etsy shop and blog. She made a series of 50 gift wrapping ideas using masking tape, and it is pretty much blowing my mind. (Thank you, Roe, for bringing this to my attention!)

It doesn't get much cooler than this. I actually feel a little emotional looking through them.

I think what I most admire about these gift wrapping ideas is that she approaches them each with an artist's eye. It's not the traditional wrapping paper, ribbon, bow routine. There's something very playful and innovative going on. I've been especially drawn to gift wrapping with texture lately. I think that's something to work on in 2011!

If you're not already overloaded with gift wrapping eye candy, you can check out even more original gift wrapping by Essimar on her blog or Flickr.

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{Images via Essimar Papel blog}


  1. what a find! these are inspiring and fun.

  2. @Hanna K. - I know. They just make me feel more freed up to be playful in my gift wrapping.

  3. these are absolutely beautiful...I found washi tape for sale at and am definitely going to try to imitate this!


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