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March 22, 2011

Furoshiki in India

Welcome to Furoshiki Week at The Gifted Blog! All this week we'll be exploring the many ways you can incorporate furoshiki - reusable wrapping cloths - into your gift wrapping practice.

Some of you have read about my use of furoshiki, in my Japanese culture posts. Namitha, a dear reader in India, set out to make her own version using textiles readily available to her. The results are beautiful, especially for her first experimentations!

My favorites are the gifts she wrapped using khadi, a signature Indian fabric that is hand spun and hand woven. Khadi was championed as a symbol of self-reliance and simplicity by Mahatma Gandhi, giving it a special place in Indian history. I love how the finely woven furoshiki above merges Indian and Japanese traditions to create something new and blended.

For more pictures and a fascinating reflection on the role that wrapping cloth already plays in India, please see Namitha's post here at Ephemera Studio. Thank you, Namitha!

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{Image via Ephemera Studio}


  1. Charissa! This is really touching, thanks so much for posting about it, especially at this time. Japan is in our thoughts a lot these days and I think all those involved in certain paper and fabric crafts and even photography cannot ignore the role the country has played in our lives. I look forward to comments on this tiny attempt I made to mesh our countries together a little more! - Namitha

  2. Namitha is extremely 'gift'ed. Craft is just one of her many passions. Teaching kids and cooking also figure.

  3. @Namitha - Of course! I've never seen anything like what you've done. The rich history of khadi and the Indian textile industry is such a great marriage with furoshiki. Thank you again for sharing with all of us!

    @abha - Absolutely! Her passion is evident even halfway around the globe.

  4. This is fabulous! I loved reading Namitha's application of the furoshiki in her culture. Thanks to both of you for sharing.

  5. Hey Charissa those are some wonderful gift wrapping ideas u have there... Thanks for sharing.

  6. @Shawna - Isn't it cool? It's so fun to see these traditions crossing borders.

    @Dhwani - Great to hear from you. So glad you are enjoying! Of course I can't take credit for the one above...Namitha's experiments with furoshiki turned out beautifully!


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