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March 9, 2011

Gift Wrapping Eye Candy

I made my first Etsy treasury! Naturally, it's all about gift wrap. These are some of my favorite picks for creative gift wrapping with paper, cloth, and wood (yes, wood!).

Check it out here, or go here to curate your own collection of Etsy items! Have you made any handmade purchases lately? After starting work at Common Thread, I have such a new appreciation for supporting small businesses like the ones above.

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  1. Aaah, you got me to go to Etsy! So many cute things, look at these gift boxes!

  2. @Jennifer S. - Hi there! I know, how can you help but go check out some of the handmade offerings at Etsy after seeing these goodies? I took a look at the link - the oven gift boxes are pretty cute.

  3. Ah! I recognize those mushrooms! I love the stargazer paper and the letterpress tags. Very cute!

  4. Charissa! I just saw this: and OF COURSE I thought of you! Seems like something that could potentially be DIYed, too.

  5. @paminboots - It's you! Nice to hear from you, Pam. Yes, your mushroom paper is still a hit in my book.

    @Jessica - Ha ha! G actually e-mailed me a link first thing in the morning. It's pretty funny, no? What do you think - would you consider it manly? I'm thinking of doing a series...

  6. @Charissa: I wouldn't call it manly, per se (that is, I don't really find that most guys notice how a gift is wrapped unless it's really, really nice), so much as creative and eye-catching (and fun!). Actually, maybe that does make it manly!


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