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March 24, 2011

Napkin and Nosegay Furoshiki

It's Furoshiki Week at The Gifted Blog! All this week we'll be exploring the many ways you can incorporate furoshiki - reusable wrapping cloths - into your gift wrapping practice.

As you probably know, furoshiki originated in Japan, and there are plenty of very Japanese-looking furoshiki as a result. (Just see all the varieties at the Karakusaya furoshiki store!) So, I was pleasantly surprised to find these decidedly non-Japanese looking images on

Marie used a vintage embroidered napkin and dried bunch of flowers to give this furoshiki gift wrap a romantic look. Something about it reminds me of the Victorian era, like a little parcel passed between lovers on a seaside picnic (or is that just my overactive imagination?).

Bottom line, I love how Marie took the general principles of furoshiki and personalized them with an unusual textile choice and nosegay embellishment. It's a lovely example of how to make the art of furoshiki your own!

For more details on this gift wrapping idea, see Marie's full post here. Check out her gift wrapping with paper airplanes and dried fruits, too! Very cool.

Many thanks to Beth of Molly Merchant for featuring me in an interview this week. Pop on over and say hello!

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  1. how elegant... the dried flowers are a sweet sweet touch!

  2. @Michele Pacey - Hi Michele! I agree. I first saw these images several months ago, but the unique flower/textile combo stuck with me. Beautiful!

  3. Thank you so much Charissa, feel very honored to have been included in your Furoshiki week series!

  4. @Marie Anakee - The pleasure is all mine!


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