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March 2, 2011

Treasure Box Gift Wrapping

This is less a post about a real gift wrapping idea, and more a post about a great idea that has yet to come into being. But I really hope that it will - it's a good one.

We recently enjoyed some wonderful hospitality and a home-cooked dinner at our friends' home. They're the friends we gave these to for their wedding, and it was nice to see them on the dining table.

T & W bought a house soon after their wedding, and we were talking about various house projects. W confessed he had a few unfulfilled carpentry goals - he'd like to make some sturdy stakes for trees in the yard, finish up some drawers in their bedroom, and possibly make a treasure box for their first child.

"Wait," I said. "A treasure box? Tell me more." (You knew I had to ask, right?)

"Well," he went on, "we kind of had this idea that each kid would get a treasure box, and instead of wrapping their Christmas or birthday gifts, we'd put it in the box for them to open on that day."

"And depending on how elaborate you wanted to get, you could have a treasure hunt or something for them to find the key," added T.

"Oh, so there'd be a lock?" I asked.

"Of course," W answered.

Fantastic. W went on to muse about how he wasn't sure what size to make it, because it would need to fit different-sized gifts at different times, and how they hadn't decided how many gifts they would give their children at any given occasion.

I was really excited about this idea. For one, it goes to show how any passion can be used in gift wrapping. Similar to the people in this list, W does not wax poetic about gift wrapping, but he does yearn to break out his band saw. Perfect! That can totally be used towards gift wrapping - I'm sure he's going to make one heck of a treasure box.

Two, I love the idea of a dad making something for his kids. Thanks to blogs, we have thousands of examples of creative moms loving their children. But I think men have fewer examples of how to love their kids creatively. In making this, I think W would be a role model to his kids and peers.

Three, 'wrapping' your gifts in a treasure box seems like the perfect recipe for a family tradition that can be enjoyed year after year. It's mysterious. It's fun. It's do-able for the parents...

That is, after the box is built. W admitted that after receiving two kinds of saws for his birthday and Christmas, they both sat unopened. Do you know what I say? Carpe diem, W! Your idea rocks. Bust those saws out now while you don't have to worry about waking up baby.

Is there any idea you've been dreaming of but just haven't made yet? Do tell! Maybe we can spur you to action.

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  1. My friend's dad made treasure boxes for her three boys. The treasure box is used more to store everyday treasures and is allows for some private space in a room that they share. I loved the idea of a treasure box, because my daughter is always wanting to stash "treasures" that she finds and keep them away from her younger sister. It was amazing to see something so well made by the boys grandparents. I am wishing that my father-in-law would get the same idea.

  2. @Rachel Hamilton - Super cool. And a very thoughtful way to make some private space amidst a shared room.

    You might be tickled to know that our friends are another happy Mudd/Scripps couple. Maybe you know them? : )


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