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March 7, 2011

Uncharted Territory | Gift Wrap Story

This Wrap Story is part of a series documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of The Gifted Blog. Click here for the whole series! 

In collecting creative gift wrapping ideas for Christmas, I was attracted again and again to gift wrapping with texture. I was digging gift wraps that used lots of layers and dimension. This year, I want to try it!

I approached this gift with that spirit. Our dear friends' daughter, L, (the same one we celebrated in this post) turned 1! She is such a cutie. Look at that face!

We gave her a soft t-shirt and a copy of Japanese Children's Favorite Stories, a favorite from my childhood and now N's.

Inspired by the delicate translucence of this take-out bag, I cut it and another bag into 'ribbon' in a similar manner as I did here.

Time to get crazy. I finger-crocheted the peach ribbon...

pulled out one of N's recent drawings...

and 'solved' the problem of how to wrap the shirt by sticking it on top of the book. How's that for a gift wrapping idea? If I'm going to try layers and dimension, might as well go for it!

I tied the crocheted peach ribbon in a bow. At this point the gift looked a little plain. And the pink of N's scribbles didn't seem to meld well with the ribbon.

So I added a bow made from the other bag and secured it with an orange drawstring salvaged from that same bag.


Fun trivia: over 2 years ago I wrapped this same book using hand-drawn gift wrap by our friends' son. I wished for the day I could collaborate on gift wrapping with my own kid. We've come full circle, folks!

Do you like it? In what ways are you looking to branch out creatively this year?

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{Image 2 by Michelle Brenhaug}


  1. I love it. Talk about personal, functional, and beautiful. Your first picture is also stunning.

  2. @Kelly - Aw, thanks for the feedback! It felt good to try something a little different with all the textures and layers.

  3. Absolutely great! That last bag bow really jazzed the whole package up! Really innovative. Well done, my friend, well done.

  4. @boatx2 - Thank you! Yes, something was definitely missing before that last bow took the stage. I'm curious to see what you're working on now...will we get an update on your peasant top and stamped wrapping paper soon??

  5. Love it! Really original and just looking at it makes me happy! I've crocheted with plastic bags and made gift toppers too, so now you've got me inspired again! Thanks so very much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday, great to meet you and hope you'll be back again soon!

  6. @creativejewishmom/Sara - You're very kind. The party was rainbow-themed, so I got crazy with the colors! It's lovely to have you visit - I'm always amazed at the range of kid-friendly, earth-conscious projects you come up with.

  7. I love this wrapping. Looks very artful especially with the mix of fabric and plastic. It would never have occurred to me to combine the two. Very beautiful and interesting. Your images are perfect, too. The gift looks very light and airy. Little L. is indeed a cutie. She will be thrilled with all the colorful ribbons.

  8. love your use of the plastic bag braid, and the hand-coloured paper. How sweet and unique Charissa!

  9. @annekata - Thanks for noticing the images! We got a new camera after our old one died and I'm trying to improve my picture-taking skills.
    : )

    @Michele Pacey - Welcome! Glad you came by...and glad to have found your blog. I enjoy the way you write about your obsession with recycling discardables (how's that for a euphemism for trash?).

  10. You're amazing! I love that you used what you had on hand and also incorporated your son's artwork. So unique, personal, colorful and thrifty. Perfect!

  11. @deepblueseadesigns - Ha ha, you've been following my blog long enough that you know all my creative tendencies (using what I have, being thrifty, etc)! Thank you for the kind feedback.


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