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March 25, 2011

Vintage Scarves as Furoshiki

It's the last day of Furoshiki Week here - I hope you've enjoyed it!

Back when my blog banner was getting redesigned, Hanna and I worked out a trade - she'd make the banner and I'd send her some specialty gift wrapping materials. I sent her images of vintage scarves she could use as furoshiki and some small cloth gift bags so she could pick.

I wanted to show her how the scarves looked in use and the pictures were too fun not to share! Here's a polka-dotted one from Iowa. Furoshiki are such a fun gift wrapping idea because they can make even the simplest box special. Here, I simply placed the box in the center of the scarf and tied the opposite corners together.

A couple of long scarves made cute bows.

One oblong scarf could even be used as minimalist gift wrap for a toy drum or tin of cookies!

And also from an Iowa thrift shop (but made in Japan!), a gauzy cotton blend scarf wraps a jar with cheer. For those of you who can't be bothered with folding crisp corners, gift wrapping with fabric is a nice alternative.

I'm not sure what they were all used for, but it seems like every thrift store worth its salt has a rack in the corner overflowing with old scarves. It's so satisfying that we can take this obsolete fashion trend and make it useful!

Do you have a favorite?

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  1. I'd been meaning to tell you -- the other week I went to the flea market at the Rose Bowl and found a vendor selling vintage scarves. I bought one for my hair, but there were more I could imagine using as giftwrap. We should go sometime!
    ($2 each, I thought that was reasonable???)

  2. @Betsy - Mmm...that sounds awesome. I want to see your scarf! $2 is definitely fair. I probably shouldn't add more to my collection, but I would LOVE to go to the flea market w/ you sometime! It sounds like a treasure trove, but definitely the kind of thing you'd want a buddy for.

  3. oh nice to see these scarves again. i loved the selections! i think i've asked you this before but do you give away the scarves when you wrap them as such? Or do you wait for the person to open it and take the scarf back? I've wanted to hold on to the scarves to reuse them but I've noticed most people get so excited about the scarves because they think it's part of the present and it becomes awkward quick...:)

  4. @Hanna K. - Glad you liked them - I thought the ones you picked seemed to suit you. Traditionally, furoshiki were not kept by the gift recipient, but given back. But today, that's a pretty foreign concept. I would stick with using your most prized scarves for wrapping gifts for your significant other (or other family member who won't be offended if you expect it back)!

  5. hmm, thanks for your response.

  6. Love your blog and follow. I did a post today about your blog and wanted to let you know. Thanks for all the wonderful gift wrapping ideas!

  7. @Betty - Wow, thank you very much. And you are welcome - it's really my pleasure!


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