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March 31, 2011

Wanted: Reader Questions

It's that time again!

I've toyed with the idea of an advice column, but as I've interacted with readers of The Gifted Blog, it's clear that YOU are the ones with a wealth of knowledge! Last year I ran a series of "Reader Question" posts, giving you the chance to ask your burning gift wrapping questions.

So, how can we help? Got a hard-to-wrap gift that's plaguing you? Secretly dreading the coming of wedding season? Want to wrap your gifts with class, but just not sure how? Comment below with your question for the Gifted Reader Mailbox. If you're lucky, your question will be featured so everyone can chime in with their creative gift wrapping ideas!

Past reader questions:
I'm traveling this summer. How should I wrap the gift?
I don't have quite enough wrapping paper. What should I do?
How do people wrap gifts in other parts of the world?
How can I wrap a non-material gift (gift certificate, day at the spa, etc)?

I can't wait to see what you ask - so don't be shy!

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  1. Here's my question: it seems like everytime I want to wrap something unusual (most recently, a homemade pair of baby shoes), I need some kind of box. In vein I searched for downloads for boxes that were the right size (2.5 inches by 5 inches) or basically anything over 2.5x2.5... I ended up just folding some paper and smashing the shoes a little. But is there a better way to wrap an unusual gift without a box? Especially if it is a smallish flexible one like baby shoes??

  2. @501 - Yesss, our first submission! Thanks for asking. I have a small stash of boxes that I save from product packaging or other gifts, but they never seem to correspond in size to what I'd like to wrap. I'd love to hear some solutions for your dilemma!

  3. I have many boxes or bags from retail stores that I save for potential gift wrapping, but many of them have huge and tacky retail logos. Do you have any good examples of how to cover them up? Thanks!

  4. @Sam Phang - Good one. I imagine you're not the only one wondering this. Thanks! It will be fun to see the responses we get to your question.

  5. My question is not directly about wrapping, but any ideas you might have on storing paper, large sheets and well as differently sized scraps, and also the other wrapping materials like ribbons and cloth so that we can locate them quickly when required at short notice.

  6. @Namitha - Ah, the storage question. This is excellent! Thank you for asking - I'd love to put this one up before my readers to see what they think!


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