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March 4, 2011

Working Woman Update

As many of you know, I've started working at a local sewing studio called Common Thread. After two years of blogging and stay-at-home-mothering, this has been a very cool addition to life. It's absolutely part of God's answer for what it means for me to do creative work. Here's a little peek into my time so far!

1. Re-entering the working world (especially such a stylish and cute slice of the working world) has meant carrying myself in a different way. When getting dressed for work, I channel my inner boutique owner. (Who knew I had one? I'm in a bathrobe as I type...)

2. It's a beautiful little shop. I feel very lucky to spend my work day in these surroundings.

3. My first day on the job, I took on a hand-embroidery gig for a high school cross-country coach. Anyone else need some custom stitching?

4. I got better acquainted with the studio's sewing machines by turning this unwanted wrap skirt into...

new pillow covers! Hooray for re-purposing! We actually offer a pillows & curtains class if you want to make your own.

5. I'm working on my sidewalk sign skillz.

(Did you know that Trader Joe's hires a sign artist at each store to make their hand-lettered signs? I'm so not at that level yet.)

6. I went through our Tote Bag class as part of my training. So fun! It's amazing what satisfaction can come from making a simple bag. It makes you appreciate everything sewn so much more. And Jin (the owner) is a great teacher - she kept me on my toes!

7. I marvel at Jin's merchandising and display skills. Hoping to absorb some through osmosis.

8. I'm having fun photographing and finally blogging for the store!

It's good for me to practice photographing stuff other than wrapped gifts.

9. Finally, a stand-out pleasure of working at Common Thread has been interacting with customers. People come to us to be creative and learn, and that makes them truly fun to work with.

I'm amazed by the way God put me in a business whose core mission is to connect people to their inner creativity. That mission is at the heart of my blog, and I'm boggled by the way these two parts of my life overlap, yet don't compete. So very grateful!

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  1. Loved this post! I think your inner-boutique-owner should come over and help me with my work wardrobe, too.

    Also -- I was *just* wondering that about Trader Joe's the other day -- was admiring the sign lettering while I picked out flowers.

  2. Wow. This is the neatest idea for a business! It is so smart because I know so many people who want to do a craft project here or there that involves sewing, but who don't want to invest in buying a machine. Is it possible for people to just drop in and use the machines or are they for classes only? So cool!

  3. @Betsy - Aw, thank you. (And my inner boutique owner is at your service. Though she's still getting the hang of this dressing for work thing.)

    I have a new appreciation for the TJ sign artists! I have a couple lettering 'fonts' that I use all the time (birthday cards, etc.) but I want to learn how to do others.
    : )

  4. @Kelly - Hi! Yes, we totally rent the studio by the hour - it's a pretty good deal because you can use all of our machines (home and industrial), cutting table, ironing board, etc. Much easier than clearing off your dining table every time you want to sew (and then clearing it off again in time for dinner!).

    If you're ever in our neck of the woods, come by! There are some cute restaurants on our block you might enjoy reviewing, too.

  5. SO happy for you! What a fabulous opportunity for such a wonderful woman of God!

  6. @The Running Writer - Thanks for your support from afar, Cassandra!!

  7. @boatx2 - Roe, you have to visit! We want to reach out to local bloggers especially, but we can use all the blogger buzz we can get. (And'd love it!)

  8. So fun to read about your job besides being an amazing mother and wife! I wish I had time to visit the shop when I was down there for A Goo's birthday - definitely next time! Love & blessings to you, G & N.

    Auntie Sheila

  9. @Sheila - Hi Auntie! So good to hear from you. It's sweet that you came down for AGoo's birthday...we'll have to have you over next time. Thank you for the encouragement. Love you too!

  10. Happy to hear you're having fun at the new job. The shop is amazingly cute! What a fun place to spend the day.

  11. @DuhBe - Thanks, Luci! It's been cool to share creative journeys with you. We've had some unexpected twists and turns, eh? Looking forward to hearing your next thoughts about your business name.


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