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April 18, 2011

Baby Shower Gift Wrap | Gift Wrap Story

Compared to our peers, G and I had our son N pretty early on, while many of our friends were single or just starting out in marriage. So, we're pumped that some of our married friends are having babies, too!

E & S go to our church and have been friends of ours for several years now. I feel like I write this about all our friends, but they really are great. The kind of people you can be yourself around, generous to a fault, and super dependable.

Taking advantage of my new workplace, I sewed a couple of burp cloths a few days before E & S's baby shower. (I hope to write a tutorial for making them on the Common Thread blog sometime!)

We went to our trusty local bookstore and selected some books. We chose a favorite, Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding (hilarious protagonist, haven't tired of it yet) and one new to us, Shades of People. I think it's really important for kids - especially mixed-race kids - to see examples of families that come in all different shades and combinations.

G did the initial gift wrapping the night before the baby shower, putting both books together. (This must be his efficient engineer side coming out.) Then I had to figure out what to do with the burp cloths. It was similar to the dilemma with this gift - a hard component and a soft component. How could they work together?

Ah-ha! A bow. I pleated the burp cloths and tied them with a bit of recycled sari ribbon.

S has Indian roots, and since we didn't find a book about Indian culture, I thought it was kind of fun to incorporate ribbon made from saris for her!

Another length of ribbon secured the bow to the package.

Almost forgot to add a tag! (Not really into gift tags right now...wish I could leave most gifts without them.)

My assistant.

The completed baby shower gift wrap. Yay, E & S! Can't wait to meet your baby!

Readers, what favorite baby shower gifts have you given or received this year?

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  1. What?!?!?! I'm amazed! I never knew burp cloths could make such beautiful bows.

  2. So much of thought and sensitivity goes into your work Charissa...wonderful!

  3. @Shawna - Aw, thanks, sis!

    @Namitha - Thank you for the kind words. I never thought to ask before - have you seen anything like this sari ribbon where you live?

    @Michele Pacey - Thanks, Michele. I thought of you and your egg carton flowers when I tossed an empty one into our recycling bin today...a project to try another time!

  4. Charissa, I've never seen this sari ribbon, but I'm sure it might be available here too. I've never seen anyone using them this way - that's why it was so touching to find you including it as a remembrance of your friend's origins. One reason could be that there is a huge variety of fabric tape and ribbons available easily - traditionally the tape was used as trimmings on ethnic clothes but they can be used for gift wrapping too. The other reason is that inherent tendency I've spoken about to find another use for saris and other important apparel - if someone is sentimental about a sari, they might hand it down to their daughter to get something modern made out of it. Or they may remove the border and pallu (end portion with the designs) if it has gold and silver threadwork and get it fixed onto a more lightweight sari. Everyday saris could be handed down to someone or given away to charity. I've had unused saris made into quilts. And if all else fails, a soft cotton sari can be used to bundle up other precious saris!! It's interesting to see your interpretation...and the way you found the ribbons to match the cloths.

  5. @Namitha - I like your descriptions of how saris can be used once they have already been well-loved! It seems a shame that they would get torn into strips for these ribbons...though I have to say I'm enjoying using them immensely.
    : )

  6. gorgeous and unique gift topper! great to see you and thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!


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