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April 28, 2011

Creative Gift Wrap for Shoes | Reader Question

"[I]t seems like every time I want to wrap something unusual (most recently, a homemade pair of baby shoes), I need some kind of box. In vain I searched for downloads for boxes that were the right size...I ended up just folding some paper and smashing the shoes a little. But is there a better way to wrap an unusual gift without a box? Especially if it is a smallish flexible one like baby shoes??"   --501

Hi, 501! Good question. How do you gift wrap a pair of baby shoes? Readers, we'd like to open this one up for discussion. It seems like there are two questions on the table:
1) Does anyone have a good source for free printable boxes?
2) If you can't find a box, what's a good gift wrapping idea for small, soft gifts?

I once folded a paper envelope for a pair of cloth slippers I sewed for my niece (similar to this homemade gift bag idea). But there must be other solutions. Don't be shy - pitch in with your two cents!

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  1. Those very cute shoes could be wrapped in tissue and slid into a paper towel tube. Then they could be wrapped in whatever paper or cloth you have on hand.

    Such Cute Shoes!

  2. @Marie - I like the way you think. A paper towel tube is easily accessible and a great way to go for a small, soft gift. My mom actually did something similar - I completely forgot!

  3. That is a great idea. I'm totally going to use it!!

  4. Another great option that I have discovered is called Gift Gloss from the FoofQueens. It is a clear plastic material that is tubular (similar to a cello bag but without a seam). You can unroll as much as you want then cover your gift in tissue or fabric and slide it in, or leave the items exposed. With baby shoes as cute as those, leaving them exposed would be so cute! No need to look for boxes~ and such a cute end result!

  5. @501 - Yay! Another reader question answered!!

    @katy - Thanks for your contribution!


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