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May 14, 2011

Writer's Block

This is not typical post material...but I've got a case of writer's block. Maybe make that blogger's block.

My posts are usually super thought-out and non-spontaneous, but after a conversation with G I felt inspired to do a quick stream-of-consciousness post. Maybe you can help me out of my rut?

Why I'm having a hard time blogging:
1) Too many ideas! I have them backlogged in my inbox, my Wishpot lists, and my brain. Feel behind. Hate feeling behind.
2) Just came back from Seattle. As usual, playing catch-up after coming home from a trip.
3) A little discouraged about level of comments and participation; not sure if it's just something to ride out or something to actively encourage.
4) Most of my posts are thought-out and proofread several times before being scheduled. Feels like a high bar.
5) It's a slow time for gift giving. Some of my favorite posts are the Wrap Stories, and I don't have as many to tell right now.
6) Usually have a week or two worth of posts scheduled, but don't after coming home from our trip. Feels a little panicky to not have that margin.

Have you ever gotten stuck with your blog (or other creative work)? How did you get going again? I'm open for suggestions.

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  1. think positive, dont let no comments or anything else bring you down, just carry on with a bigger smile. Also when i have a mental block...(which i usually do) i just leave it for a while until its gone, otherwise i end up writing a whole lot of nonsense and get annoyed.

  2. @Bobbins and Balms - Thank you, Nafisa! I definitely wrote my share of nonsense before knocking out the post above. Makes sense to walk away for a while and then come back when you're ready!

  3. I know how you feel because I'm going through the same right now with one of my blogs. I have one for my crafts, tutorials, etc. and one for other stuff, like recipes, photos of places we've visited, etc. The crafts blog is somewhat lagging for several reasons too long to explain here and it feels a little frustrating.

    Think of it as a phase that will pass. You have a lovely blog which I have been following for a while and although I don't always leave a comment I always enjoy reading your posts and have made a note of quite a few of your gift wrapping ideas.

  4. Hey Charissa,

    I don't know if I'm qualified to give advice... Each blog and blogger is so different... I like to have posts written in advance too but sometimes life gets in the way and you just have to be spontaneous. I think this post is great! It's honest and real, and I think people respond to that. So more of these types of posts would work for sure.

    As far as comments go, I'm not sure what to tell you. I find that I get comments when I leave comments. It's a circle. But it also means A LOT of extra work. If you can live with just a few comments from a few solid like-minded followers (which you actively follow as well, btw), I would go with that.

    I certainly hope your rut is short-lived. You have such a lovely blog!

    Take care,


  5. i've felt the same, especially about comments. it's been helpful to remind myself why i began blogging in the first place (as a creative outlet, as a record of motherhood) and to try to stay true to that regardless of an audience. not always easy since i'm such a self-editor. just wanted to say you're not alone. and your blog is beautifully crafted. keep going. :)

  6. take your time Charissa! i'm not a writer but i'm sure it's totally normal to have a block. don't be so hard on yourself. your loyal readers will wait patiently :D

  7. Follow your heart. Do what feel right for you at this time.

    Your blog is one of my favorites. I am always happy to see a new post from you and your blog always makes the cut when I am trying to simplify.

    Good luck in sorting this all out.

  8. I check your blog every day and this may be the first time I've left a comment. I have found many of your ideas were just what I've wanted when looking for a unique way to package/present a gift, and not just in December. I have even gone back through older posts from time to time. Please don't get discouraged and remember it's okay to post when you feel you are ready to post rather than feeling obligated to post. I have a personal blog and a blog I maintain for the stamp store where I teach. I've never really set a schedule for either of them. I rarely get comments on the store blog even though I'm getting a good number of readers each week from our customer base. Maybe I haven't been at this long enough yet to be concerned about that. :-) Keep up the good work! Anne

  9. Just found your blog a few weeks ago and hope to see more posts coming. I run one of swedens most read interior design blogs and let me tell you, I've had bloggers block several times. Here are my rules when the big writers block knocks on the door.

    1) Don't think to much. Just write. Post. Click. And keep it comin'. Just getting a few posts distance to the last one remembering about all those negative feelings can help.
    2) You shall never listen to evil readers ;-) There will always be people writing only to hur you, but when that happens try to remember all the people from all over the world who loves your blog and keeps reading it every day. Why let them suffer for a few "misfits"
    3) Remember why you started. Look back and try to find the energy that once made you register and start posting.

    Hope it helps! Look forward to more lovely ideas from you!

  10. @All - Wow. Truly, thank you so much for your comments. I feel encouraged to chill out and not stress. Here's to getting out of ruts!

  11. I'm right there with you, and I've noticed that the friend blogs I read the most (like yours) have slowed down on posting just like I have. It's like we're all adjusting our lives at the same time. If you're not driven to blog right now, then don't. Sure, your traffic stats will go down. But when you're ready to get back to it, your readers will come back around. You're in my RSS feed whether I leave comments or not.

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