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June 22, 2011

How to Store Gift Wrap | Reader Question

"My question is not directly about wrapping, but any ideas you might have on storing paper, large sheets and differently sized scraps, and also...other wrapping materials like ribbons and cloth so that we can locate them quickly when required at short notice."   --Namitha

Namitha, always nice to hear from you! As someone with a penchant for gift wrapping with trash, I count myself lucky that our apartment has lots of cupboard space for hoarding collecting. It's not as pretty as the system above, but I use small, sturdy shopping bags to hold gift wrapping supplies. I also have a box for ribbons, sorted into a few resealable plastic bags.

My favorite blog post on this topic is: Simplifying & Organizing Gift Wrap, my 7 tips by AmberLee of Giver's Log. The pretty picture above is hers.

Readers, how do you store your gift wrapping supplies? Namitha and I would love to hear how you wrangle your wrapping paper and corral your ribbon!

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{Images bMarco Bellucci and Giver's Log}


  1. thanks for the link to the Giver's Log Charissa. I'll have to check that out!

  2. I keep most of my supplies in a big shallow plastic tub with lid that is hidden under my bed. I keep tape and scissors in there along with all the paper, so can get a gift wrapped pretty easily. (Plus my bedroom is where I tend to hide the kids and my husband's birthday, christmas, etc. gifts so it's handy...) but my craft area where I keep embellishments, fancy papers, ribbon, etc. is downstairs in our kitchen wet-bar/craft-bar area. So the whole arrangement is not ideal...but it works. :)

  3. @Michele Pacey - Sure thing. I think you'll like her use of recycled milk cartons!!

    @Secret Mommy - Sounds like a pretty good arrangement! When wrapping gifts for your immediate family, it makes sense to store them near your wrapping supplies.

  4. @All - Just came across another system for organizing that I thought looked quite practical: see it here.

  5. Searching for a storage Tulsa OK provider, I cam across your post. I have a similar predicament and many times, I just fold the wrappers and can't locate them. I never thought you can make gift wrappers and items that presentable! Thanks for this.


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