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July 27, 2011

Moving Forward

I thought I'd share an update on the writer's block I went through a while ago. Encouraged by your feedback and this advice to lower your standards and keep going, I tried just that. I realized I'd made the stakes too high and I needed to relax to move forward with blogging.

What did that look like? Well, I tried to shake my idea of the perfect blog post and attempted to just go for it, writing posts in new and familiar formats. I blogged about:

Something old (ideas I'd been hoarding and just needed to get out of my system).

Something new (the gift wrapping ideas that seemed freshest when I opened up my Wishpot lists).

Something borrowed (I copied a post format from a blog I admire).

Something blue (I try to keep an upbeat tone here, but there was something refreshing about telling you all that I was in the blogging doldrums while it was happening).

It felt great to share some of the gift wrapping ideas I've been sitting on with you - I don't know what I was waiting for! I guess sometimes it's easier to stockpile inspiration than to turn it into blog posts.

Blogging friends, how's it been going? I'd love to hear whether you are on a roll, stuck, etc.!

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1 comment:

  1. the idea of borrowing a format is something I've definitely done to help myself out. but anything that changes my routine and shakes things up a bit will get the old juices flowing too.

    oh and I'm doing well btw. right now, I'm good with my 3 times/week bloggy schedule. I'm finding that it gives me some breathing room. I take every weekend off. And this self-imposed schedule gives me the structure that I absolutely need to stay motivated.


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