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July 13, 2011

Some of the best gifts don't come wrapped, pt 2

I mentioned earlier that some of the best gifts we've received in the last year have not come wrapped. A perfect example of this is something my sister and brother-in-law did for N's 2nd birthday. On his big day, they emailed us a link to...

a private video! After a brief message, they sang "Happy Birthday" (complete with party hats!) to the birthday kid. N was mesmerized and watched this several times over lunch.

We try to keep things simple at our house, so a gift that was at once so personal and so clutter-free was perfect! And with all the spastic, animated cartoons out there, I loved that this was just the right pace for N.

Oh, what? You came here because you were looking for creative gift wrapping ideas, not stories about gifts that aren't wrapped? Try here, here, or here for gift wrapping ideas for kids.

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  1. That is the best kind of gift and something we've done here at our house many times. They've been some of the most appreciated gifts too! So very personal.


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