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August 1, 2011

No-Waste Bridal Shower Gift Wrap | Gift Wrap Story

Our friends S and W were married this summer and I participated in the wedding as a bridesmaid (and tissue paper flower czar). I don't have much practice as a bridesmaid, and was so glad to have another bridesmaid to co-host the shower with me!

This creative gift wrap idea for S's bridal shower gift started with a purse from work. I think it used to display a set of fabric samples, and my boss gave it to me when we were organizing merchandise. I put it in my closet for a gift wrapping opportunity such as this!

I wanted to give S something practical, yet pretty. After wiping down N's high chair tray 2-3 times a day, I've come to love Method's pink grapefruit cleaning spray, and I've been a fan of their hand soap for even longer. I got a trio of Method cleaners that I hoped would make cleaning up for one another more fun for S and W. Service is definitely a cornerstone of a good marriage.

I also embroidered some dishtowels (inspired by these guys) and stitched up a tulle potscrubber (that puffy thing below). (Side note: Did anyone else grow up using these? After an unfruitful Google search for a tutorial, I'm starting to think these are a dying art that only 2nd-generation Japanese American grandmas have mastered!)

Taking a cue from a reader's family tradition (thanks, J!), I 'wrapped' the cleaning products in the dishtowels and tucked them in the purse.

And to secure the potscrubber? Inspired by the couple's tissue paper flowers, I accordion-folded a little stack of tissue...

and secured it with a length of pipe cleaner.

I threaded the long end of the pipe cleaner through the potscrubber and twisted it on the purse handle.

In the end I was excited to give a gift in not recycled gift wrap, but gift wrap that is totally reusable! I had a little "Yay! She likes it!" moment when the purse made an appearance as S's "get-away" bag when she and the groom exited their wedding reception at the end of the night.

Have you wrapped any bridal shower gifts lately? What did you give?

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  1. The embroidered towels are really cute, Charissa! And the pot-scrubber is SO AWESOME! :) I've never seen that before, actually! Did she leave the potscrubber on when she made her getaway? =D

    And I love Method products too! Can't seem to find them at Target anymore though...

  2. I've never seen that potscrubber before... would you have any time to post a tutorial? It seems SO practical!

  3. Aww! Cute gift.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. My second (and much cuter) attempt at the baby showe gift is posted here:

    Thanks again!

  4. @Jessica - Thanks, Jessica! I didn't notice the potscrubber still attached when the time came for the getaway...probably some other things to attend to besides dish washing that night!

    That's funny what you mentioned about Method at Target - that's where I bought mine!

    @2WeeMonsters - Thanks for the feedback on the potscrubber! I'm actually not that happy with the method I have now for making them. My mom even tried to find someone at her Japanese-American church who might have the knowledge to teach me...but I'm afraid that the generation who makes these the best might be passing on. I'll ask my grandma if she know anyone who can show me the 'real' way. And if I learn it, I'll definitely consider a tutorial!

    @someonesgottapay - Love what you did, both the 1st and 2nd times around. Nice work!

  5. This is adorable. I'm going to a bridal shower soon and will have to try this "no-waste" method!


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