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August 23, 2011

A Note About Sponsors

I've added a few ads to the sidebar this week. What do you think? I was just lamenting to G that there is only so much variety in the Google AdSense ads that show up on The Gifted Blog.

So I found a few relevant vendors and am trying out their ads here. Let me introduce you! First off, Minted. This San Francisco company partners with independent designers and lets you pick from the best of their work. (I'm going to try out their promotion for 25 free "mommy cards".)

Second, Paper Source. After getting to know a woman who works there, I better understand that not only do they carry a beautiful assortment of paper, but the people they employ are often artists themselves. This particular woman was using her income from Paper Source to set up her own letterpress studio. Love it.

Finally, I saw that Groupon is running a special for Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food: a year-long subscription to both for $20. Early Christmas gifts, anyone? As of now there are 30 more hours to get in on this deal.

These ads work differently than the Google ones - if you make a purchase through any of these, a small commission will come back to support the blog. My attitude about ads on blogs has evolved over time. Bottom line, it's one way that I hope to turn my passion for making things into a living!

There's so much more I could say about the intersection of creativity and income, but I think that's for another post. I'd love to hear from you, though - do you think these vendors make sense for my blog? If you blog, have you tried to make money with it?

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{Images 1 and 2 via Minted and Paper Source}


  1. I think that these vendors are a great fit for your blog, as they would appeal to creative and stylish people! A plug for Minted: we got our Christmas cards from them and I was very, very pleased with the available designs and with the quality of how they turned out.

  2. I am fully supportive of ads on blogs that fit with the core content presented. Your chosen sponsors make sense for your blog which is great.

    I am still struggling with the whole "creativity and income" thing. If I'm going to continue blogging, somewhere along the line I would like it to pay. How to make that happen is still a scary mysterious thing to me however. I love it when other bloggers talk about it openly. It makes me feel less fearful about it and educates me at the same time. Thanks Charissa!

  3. @Jessica - No way. I LOVED your Christmas card. I cut the photo out and it's still on our fridge! Thanks for the comment; your feedback is very helpful.

    @Michele Pacey - Thanks for your thoughts. I definitely respect your input! Michele, your blog and creative work are great gifts, and they are definitely valuable. I was happy to see you trying out having Nuno magazine as a sponsor. Though crafty blogs have so much a culture of sharing (which is wonderful), there is no shame at all in wanting to be paid for your hard work!

    I'm excited about what you wrote...maybe this is a topic I should blog about more frequently.

  4. This is kind of shallow but where did you get those cute shoes in your first picture? I've been looking for something similar. And I like your ads.

  5. @L. KIM - They're Worishofers! Found them online at


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