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August 22, 2011

Security Envelope Wrapping Paper | Gift Wrap Everywhere

At different points, friends will comment on how long I've been writing The Gifted Blog. "So, do you still have ideas for it?" one friend asked. I do! When you're a gift wrapping enthusiast, the possibilities are everywhere. It's like when you learn a new word and keep coming across it - anywhere I go can bring a new idea for how to wrap a gift.

It gave me the idea for a new series: Gift Wrap Everywhere*. I will be highlighting items I've run across in daily life that are perfect for unconventional gift wrapping. Seriously, gift wrap is everywhere!

First up: some indecipherable financial documents.

Boring. (And they sent two copies. Double boring!) But take a look inside the envelope.

The faux bois pattern of this large envelope was just begging to be repurposed as eco-friendly wrapping paper! I put the seam of the paper on top of the box and added an extra piece of washi tape as a decorative touch.

(I must have had Essimar in the back of my mind! Though, my tape design is so simple...more like Essimar Lite.)

I felt the result was a clean, modern look. Might it even count as manly gift wrapping?

*Inspired by Imrpov Everywhere and the idea that you can make what you love (even live theater) wherever you go!

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  1. Oh I think this series will be great! And I totally agree with you. Gift wrapping is everywhere, and the envelopes are the perfect start!

  2. Fun. I would have NEVER thought to turn that into wrapping paper. I love how when you are creative you find opportunities everywhere.

  3. Very cute! I love those reinforced envelopes and harvest the paper for other uses too. Wish I received those awesome large sized envelopes! But perhaps I'll try a checkerboard version - thanks for the inspiration :) Diane

  4. @Michele Pacey - Thanks for your vote of confidence. : ) Honestly, this series reminds me of you - I'm challenged to look at everyday objects with even more creative scrutiny after reading your blog!

    @Kelly - Just like you and your kitchen creations, right? I admire how you can take different experiences of eating and translate them to your own cooking.

    @poindextr - Hi Diane! Thanks for chiming in..."harvest" is an apt term for culling the mailbox for promising bits of paper to reuse. I had to make a conscious decision to STOP harvesting after I realized my paper bounty was not being put to good use!

  5. Such a great idea! I LOVE the result! And life is improv, nothing's scripted! I like that you work with what you have rather than what you think you need!

  6. @mandyface - Ah, thanks! This is totally my favorite kind of gift wrapping - working it w/ what you've got.

  7. Can you tell me, did you just cut this envelope up and use it as wrapping paper? Or have you actually made wrapping paper from this pattern? If you did, can you tell me how, or where I can buy some? Thanks!

    1. Hi Chris - Thanks for your comment. Yep, I used the actual envelope as the wrapping paper! I suppose if you wanted bigger sheets you could scan the pattern and print it, but for my purposes the size of the envelope was sufficient. Hope that helps!


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