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August 19, 2011

Wrinkle-Free Ribbon | 5 Minute Upgrade

This series was born when a friend requested quick ways to make a gift look nice before running out the door. Find more fast gift wrapping ideas here

I'm all for recycled gift wrap, but your gift wrapping shouldn't usually scream "I'm used!!" While browsing PaperCrave, I found this great tip from Real Simple. Use a flat iron set on low to quickly get rid of wrinkles in fabric ribbon in your stash. Good as new!

Of course, you can also bust out a real iron, or use a tip I learned from Jeffery Rudell's grandmother: carefully slide ribbon over a warm lightbulb to get the creases out.

Do you re-use ribbon?

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{Image by Real Simple}


  1. aren't you so clever. I never thought of that. . .
    would it work with a curling iron too? I'll have to try that, because I don't have a flat iron. thanks for the great tip

  2. I keep and reuse any little piece of ribbon I find, in fact a have a drawer full of them and which I use when gift wrapping. My husband used to work part-time for a catering company and when they did weddings there would always be lots of odds and ends leftover such as little fabric pouches, wooden pegs, buttons, ribbons, etc. He always remembered to put bring them home as he knew I'd find a way to use them.

  3. @Annie - I just wrote you! I've never tried using a curling iron, but it could work. Let us know if you try it (and be careful!).

    @Paula - I like your story about your husband - what a thoughtful sounding guy. I also have a used ribbon stash. I actually prefer using them to buying new. (I stress out when facing all the choices in the ribbon aisle!)


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