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September 6, 2011

Hometown Flavors | Wrap Story

How to capture a taste of Iowa and Seattle in one gift?

Our kind neighbor S tended our patio plants while we visited our hometowns.

I bought a vintage tea towel during a long rummage through an antique shop in Iowa with my mother-in-law.

Check out the cute produce (above) and little farmhouse (below). God bless Iowan antique shops. Are any of you reading from the Midwest?

In Seattle I picked up an owl keyholder for her and an extra for me. (They're from Momo, locals! Cute and cheap.) The housekey I gave S has one of these on it but it's almost ripped off from wear. It used to always feel like an eternity to find my housekey on my keychain (inevitably while carrying N and a bag of library books). Now I can find it by touch!

I folded the towel and made a little perch for the owl with some banana fiber yarn from Darn Good Yarn. (Thanks for the sample, Nicole!)

Simple! The gift isn't totally coordinated, but I liked being able to give S a little taste of both the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. She is Korean, and as I walked the gift to her apartment I silently hoped she wouldn't be offended to receive a used dishcloth.

In retrospect, this gift reminded me of this one. If you have something small to give (or just don't want to hype up your present too much), don't be afraid to take it easy on the gift wrapping! I think the effect can still be quite thoughtful.

This Wrap Story is part of a series documenting every present I’ve wrapped since the launch of The Gifted Blog. Click here to see them all!

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  1. I totally agree about taking it easy on the wrapping. So much waste could be avoided if we just thought about it a little bit!

  2. so cute! I definitely think replacing the giftcloth to paper giftwrap is original!

  3. easy but cool way to wrap :)
    Thanks for sharing friend!!

  4. Cute idea to use the keyholder for a gift! Love it

  5. @Michele Pacey - YES. I didn't think about the 'green' factor, but going light on the gift wrapping is definitely earth-friendly, too.

    @Siany - Thank you so much for commenting! In this case, the gift wrap IS the gift.
    ; )

    @CREATIVE MIND - Nice to hear from you again! I often make things more complicated than they need to be, so being simple can feel like an accomplishment. I hope this idea is accessible for everyone!

    @Sara & Eva - Hi there! Thanks so much. My keyholder gets so much use, too. I hope my neighbor enjoys hers!


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