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September 28, 2011

Imaginary Tweets: Chocolate Peanut Butter Edition

Trying something new. I have dutifully resisted Twitter/Facebook but status updates keep popping into my head. Indulge me, won't you?

Not pregnant, but I am HOOKED on these!

Morning chem lesson: N and I made silver polishing dip and watched my necklaces fizz.

Sage chapped lips advice: brush 'em after you brush your teeth.

A poem about my gift wrapping? Thanks, Wantist!

Any random thoughts you'd like to share today?

{Image via Sara's Sweets}


  1. I'm going to try brushing the lips. Mine aren't flaky but they often get very dry and therefore a bit sore. Liked the poem, it's true, you are talented.

  2. What a great little poem!

    Brushing your lips? Never heard of that... But whatever works, right?

  3. @Valerie - Sadly, I have a lip-picking problem. But the brushing (along with lots of lip balm!) is helping!

    @Michele Pacey - Thank you. I felt so flattered!

  4. So glad you like my smoothie! Also glad that your comment on my blog lead me to see your blog. It is so cute, and I will definitely be checking back regularly for gift wrapping tips!

  5. @Sara - The smoothies are so good! Almost as good a milkshake - I'd love to try adding malt powder to them. Our trusty little blender just died so I used our stick blender to make my last one. ; )

    Glad you're enjoying the blog!


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