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September 1, 2011

This Just In

I told you confetti is popping up everywhere! I just stumbled upon a beautiful version of the Tokketok idea featured in yesterday's roundup. Monica of 3@12 used a hole punch to make her own confetti. So cheerful!

Via Family Style

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{Image via 3@12}


  1. Michele Pacey - I agree. The Tokketok image is so stunning, but this one makes the project seem more accessible for the average person. I like it!

  2. super cute & creative..i love the whole site, now i have subscribed it :)
    happy weekend *(*

  3. That's adorable. I think I have to steal that technique. I have some different punchers and I imagine one could do it with little stars and flowers as well. I always love the ideas you bring me!

  4. @CREATIVE MIND - That makes me happy! Thanks for subscribing...I'd love to keep hearing your thoughts as you read along.

    @Kelly - Stars and flowers! Take a photo if you end up trying it.
    ; )


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