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October 14, 2011

Free Printable Label Roundup | Free Printable Friday

I have a treat for this Free Printable Friday - not one, but five printables! Use these free printable labels to jazz up the top of a plain gift. Several of these have a vintage vibe that would pair well with plain kraft paper. Have fun - and be sure to say 'thanks' to the owners if you use any of these!

Round vintage labels at Miss Cutiepie
Fancy frame labels by Just Something I Made
Coordinating gift tags by The Twinery
Vintage parcel post labels from The Graphics Fairy (via J C)
Old-timey luggage tags from Just Something I Made (pictured above)

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{Image via Just Something I Made}


  1. These look so lovely! I always worry how they will come out of my printer or whether I will use up all our ink - my husband would get a bit cross, but then he is not as completely obsessed with stationary and wrapping as I am!!!! Any tips on the printing? x

  2. @thedorsetfinca - Hi there! The labels with less color will, of course, use less ink. You can try downloading a file you're interested and then viewing it on your computer to view the color saturation. You could also try printing in black only or playing with your print settings to print on a lesser-quality setting. Have fun!


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